A new Media Gallery, Settings and Dashboard

Written by Renaud Bressand in Writing Room on July 06,2017

We recently released a design refresh for several components of our writing room including the media gallery, the settings page and the dashboard.

A whole new dashboard giving you a global view of your projects.

The new dashboard allows you to view more projects and showcases the most recently edited repository in order to quickly find the most active one.

And cleaner settings to easily set up your prismic repository

Every day, we strive to improve developers' experience and we understood that their control center (a.k.a. the repository settings) needed some attention. This is why we refreshed its design to help developers find that what they are looking for faster and facilitate their on-boarding.

A new media gallery

The new media gallery helps you more easily recognize your media by adding the name and size of each image as well as displaying a full view of the imported media. Obviously, improvements will continue rolling out.

These updates are available for every repository and as per usual, please let us know what you think about them!

Renaud Bressand

Renaud focuses on user experience and onboarding prismic.io users. He also helps out with support and even occasionally codes in scala. A real Swiss army knife! A retired footballer, he is passionate about good food.