Big Announcements: Thousands of repositories, Public Beta, a new Writing Room and a simplified pricing

Written by Sadek Drobi in Announcement on April 15,2014

With we want to achieve a product that helps every developer integrate content into their websites and apps, and every content writer experiment with and optimize their content ideas. We'll help adopting cutting edge technologies and designs in these websites and apps while presenting optimal, carefully crafted and updated content.

Thousands of repositories, a big variety of technology, and a lot of feedback

With our private beta release, we wanted to introduce our approach to content management and get the community's feedback. The community's reaction was beyond our expectations for a private beta, we've got thousands of content repositories, integrated in a big variety of technologies and frameworks including JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Scala, Java and Python. We can't thank our users enough for the live feedback they've provided in the last few months.

Public Beta

We started our private beta as a controlled way to invite users into We ended up accepting every single Beta request we've received and some of our users are in production with their content repository.

Today we're pleased to announce that it is time to end the not-so-private Beta. Everyone can get a account, create repositories, use the API and go to production with their content.

A new Writing Room

Meanwhile, we've been working on making our Writing Room a better place for managing content. Today we announce our new Writing Room, leveraging modern design paradigms and technologies.

A simplified pricing

Also, we've received a lot of feedback about our pricing, and that's why we took the decision to simplify our pricing plans. Today we announce three pricing plans: Simple, Team and Enterprise.

This is an important milestone for us in the path of simplifying content management. We have a lot of things in the works, but for now, it is time to experiment and build stuff with manageable content.

Sadek Drobi

Sadek is the CEO of and co-created the Play Framework. He also helped LinkedIn and Twitter to scale their architectures. He's an avid badminton player and Juventus fan.