Experiments: compare content variations efficacy on a blog or page

Written by Sadek Drobi in Writing Room on October 14,2014

Ever wanted to know, for sure, whether short titles are more efficient than long ones? A data visualisation is more relevant than a funny kitten photo? Or whether you should use first, second or third person for a blog post or page? And while we're on it, do these vary with different types audiences and domains?

Experts will tell you there are rules to that, but we think it is time to abandon guesswork in favor of empirical testing, you should build your own experience for your own public, market and events.

This is exactly why we're excited today to announce an important feature: meet prismic.io Experiments!

prismic.io Experiments allow you to create different variations of your content, set a goal that you want to optimise (session duration, bounce rate, sign ups, ...), and watch the winner variation emerging.

A variation can contain any amount of content changes, this means you can use variations for comparing small adjustments (like main photo or main title) as well as more global changes (writing style or image trends).

Experiments and their variations blend very nicely with the rest of prismic.io. The diff visualisation will show you a summary of the changes a variation contains, the API will allow you to preview variations before you start the Experiment, and whenever you have a winner variation, you can publish it widely with a single click.

We are progressively deploying prismic.io Experiments into more repos. As always, don't hesitate to ask to be included if you're in a hurry for testing.

Sadek Drobi

Sadek is the CEO of prismic.io and co-created the Play Framework. He also helped LinkedIn and Twitter to scale their architectures. He's an avid badminton player and Juventus fan.