"Les Bonnes Choses", a complete example

Written by Rudy Rigot, Developer Evangelist in Concept

If you don't feel clear yet about how a website is made with prismic.io, we thought that the best way for you to get into it is to let you see for yourself, and experiment from that.

« Les Bonnes Choses » is a pastry shop with a modern, state-of-the-art communication. It needed a highly masterer way to display its products online, which no CMS could provide easily. Their website contains a lot of various interesting information: their products of course, but also their stores, some job offers, etc. They also needed a blog, taylored in an entirely different design, to address their customers' community.

You can see their website live at http://lesbonneschoses.prismic.me.

If you want inspiration to know how to best experiment with prismic.io, we've made a demo that displays many strengths of the prismic.io content management philosophy:

To learn more about this example, and to know how to get started with your own copy of it, visit the «Les Bonnes Choses» example page.