New website & content experiment tools

Written by Sadek Drobi in Announcement on October 02,2014

We started our journey with to challenge the traditional content management approach. is an entirely new way to bring websites or apps' content alive.

It allows to draft, experiment with and publish content, and unlike traditional CMSs, it doesn't limit your choice of design or developement tools.

One year after our first private beta announcement, we've succeeded to build a viable platform for solving the fundamental needs for dealing with content, and today we're helping a lot of companies and organizations to improve their content management.

We've incorporated a set of essential functionalities to solve real world content problems, such as a visual rich content editor, multiple staging releases, content versioning, changes visualization and creativity enhancing workflow. We've also architectured our platform for performance, stability and scalability. We know how central content is for websites and apps and we take no chances when it comes to our service availability.

To celebrate one year of work we thought of refreshing our website with a brand new design. As you'd guess, we use for our own website, allowing us to trivially lay a new design for the same content.

Also, today we're starting to deploy a very important new feature: Experiments! Experiments allow you to test and compare different content variations against a given goal, like visit duration or bounce rate. We believe that empirical testing is a very valuable tool for gaining experience in content authoring, especially on the Internet where new trends arise almost daily.

We're really glad of how things are going, and we can't thank our users enough for their very valuable feedback. Today we're setting new goals for the year to come, and the main motivation is to make your investment in worth every bit of it.

Firstly we want to continue developping new features for solving more content challenges, this includes multi-language support, quick in-site preview and more API enhancements.

Also, people use to get the best out of their content, not because we retain it - we don't. Actually, we are strongly against vendor lock-in, and we are working to provide the tools that guarantee your freedom. Your content is yours, and you should be able to query it and export it without restrictions. By all means, we think this is a healthy way to keep our platform quality up to what we want it to be.

Exciting times and a lot of work coming, stay tuned.

Sadek Drobi

Sadek is the CEO of and co-created the Play Framework. He also helped LinkedIn and Twitter to scale their architectures. He's an avid badminton player and Juventus fan.