Now we know how to take over the CMS world! 🚀 😅

Written by Sadek Drobi in Announcement on October 19,2017

Last week, our product designer, Renaud, sent some questions to our users asking for their help in planning our backlog. The results were amazing! I personally didn't expect these levels of quantity, quality and details in the feedback.

I would really like to thank our users for their commitment and help. Their replies provided us with a clear list of priorities. Our response to their feedback will be visible actions.

Below, is an overview of the types of requests that we received:

11 % already exist: That's our bad, we will provide better documentation to our product's features and capabilities.

13.8 % in the works: Good news! We're already working on it. Stay tuned.

30.9 % already in our backlog: We've got a pretty precise radar, eh? We will adjust some priorities though based on your feedback.

24.3 % we're investigating: We're debating whether these are priorities or not, we will reach out back to you to get more details.

All in all, we're pretty satisfied with the results, they show that we're working on relevant things, but we still have more to learn.

Oh and we had some pretty funny answers too! 🚀🚀🚀

I'll make sure that we respond personally to every reply that we received. This process will take time due to the size of the list, thank you for your patience.

We really liked this experience, so we're looking forward to doing it again in a few months, if you agree :)

Sadek Drobi

Sadek is the CEO of and co-created the Play Framework. He also helped LinkedIn and Twitter to scale their architectures. He's an avid badminton player and Juventus fan.