a summary of the past few months

Written by Guillaume Bort in Announcement on April 14,2014

A few months back, we announced, a new approach to content managment. We released a private beta of our Writing Room and Content Query API, along with a demo example — the Les Bonnes Choses pastery shop.

The idea is simple: to gain content writers' confidence back, we need to focus back on actual content management in the Writing Room. And to have enough flexibility for any design or technology, we should structure content to unleash a powerful Content Query API for developers. invite-only beta has got quite some traction, thousands of users have shown their love and have taken the time to help us improving the Writing Room and our Content Query API. We feel very privileged to have so much awesome feedback.

We gave some details in our blog about how we scale dynamic content as if it were static, and how our Restful API can achieve fast reponse times through cache forever semantics while guaranteeing instantaneous updates.

In the meantime we worked a lot on enhancing our development and starter kits. Already having PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Node.JS, Scala, Java and Python we'll be soon adding Go, Clojure and why not Hack!

We wrote a few examples and articles about integrating content into existing or new designs. The process is pretty simple: choose or create your website/app design, create document masks, create content, integrate content using appropriate API calls. We've provided examples using an existing portfolio Bootstrap theme in PHP, JavaScript client or server side, or a from-scratch design using Rails.

Also, we've been working on a lot of things to come, but that was the past, and tomorrow is the future.

Stay tuned!

Guillaume Bort

Guillaume Bort is the co-founder of and created the Play Framework and Zengularity.