Sample Website, Responsive Images and Social Cards!

Written by Levi Gable in Announcement on October 12,2016

A selection of free hands-on resources to help developers dig into the API-based (or headless) way of buiding websites. Don't hesitate to share!

Sample Multi-Page Site with Navigation

This simple example is perfect to play around with the API-based CMS approach! Follow this 3 steps set up and get a website with multiple pages and a navigation menu in minutes.

Dealing with Responsive Images

Take advantage of the flexibility of custom types to make sure to serve the right image size for the different devices. In this how-to guide, take quick look at how makes it easy to set up responsive images using the picture element.

Customisable Social Cards for your Pages & Posts

In this example we walk through setting up a Twitter Card for your content to be displayed nicely when shared on social media.

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