Documentation: getting started

Well, if you need help using, we're glad you're coming here to get it! You'll see we'll make it as nice and easy as possible for you along the way, and you'll feel quickly familiar with it...

Experiencing's features

You don't have to install anything to start playing with! To let you check it out with relevant content, we created a Les Bonnes Choses example website for you to play with; you can fork the whole content repository from your dashboard, and for the sake of the example, we also create your own copy of the Les Bonnes Choses website, so you can see what your content looks like in the website.

A quick and efficient way to understand's powerful concepts is to go check the unpublished releases we left in there for you (to see them, click on "Planned releases" in your repository's left menu). Check their content out and publish them, notice how it changes your website.

Now you should mess around with the way you want, and experiment with it. If you want ideas of things to do that make good use of's power, check out our "Les Bonnes Choses demo" video.

Getting started with your project

One horizon: your project's overall architecture

To understand your first steps, all you really need to understand is the basic architecture you're trying to accomplish. A simple project is divided in two parts:

  • your repository, which we expose for your content writers/managers as a back-office (we call it our "writing room"), and for your website or app as an API.
  • your website or app, accessible to your end users, developed with your favorite technology, and connected to your repository's API.

Step 1: choosing your favorite technology

This is the hardest part when getting started with, because it's not always so easy to have plenty of choice!

Take your time to think hard about which programming language / technical framework is the most relevant considering your developer's skills, and your needs for this project. Take your time to decide on your favorite text editor. You can be sure that will be as friendly as it gets with your choices, regardless of what they are.

Step 2: setting up your repository

Once you have an account, connect to your dashboard to create your new blank repository.

Great news: a new repository is always free of charge, to allow you to experiment as much as you want! We'll only charge you when you push your project to production.

In your blank repository, we've put a few example document types, to help you get started. You're free to use them or not, to modify them your way, or to create new ones from scratch, as you need, all is possible! If you're not familiar with the writing room's interface, you should check out our guided tour (behind the "?" icon at the bottom right). We've also put a draft article in there for you to play with our content editor for the first time.

Step 3: setting up your website or app

We've got all the content-related complexity covered for you, now you just need to connect your project to your repository, which is really easy... but we've certainly made it even easier for you! You should use our open-source kits, which we are building for a growing amount of technologies, to get you started even faster.

There are two types of kits:

  • the development kit is a simple API wrapper, built with your technology, that make it easy to connect to your repository, and manipulate the content.

  • the starter project is a fully operational application built with your technology, containing the most basic features: the homepage lists all the documents in the repository, there's a dedicated page for each document listing all the fields, the search engine is exposed, ... Note that starter projects also contain very relevant helpers that you might want to check out, even if you're including into an existing application.

The first thing you should do is check on the developers website the available code and help dedicated to your technology.

Step 4: make awesome stuff!

You've got your favorite tools at hand, and all the content fuss covered. Here you are, mightier than ever! Aren't those perfect conditions to make some awesome stuff?