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Welcome to the developer documentation for Prismic and Node.js + Express.js. This page outlines some of the resources that you will find in this documentation.

Introduction to Node.js & Express.js

If you've found yourself here, then most likely you already know at least a little about Node. For those that don't, the Node.js website describes Node as "a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine".

Express.js is a minimalist framework built for Node to help handle your website routing & middleware. Combined with one of the many templating systems (such as Pug or EJS), it makes it easy to set up a server-side rendered, dynamic website.

Before you start

If you don't have any previous experience with Node.js or Express, then we recommend learning a little about these before continuing here. There are lots of great resources available to help you get started:

Getting started

This documentation covers how to use Node.js and Express.js with the Prismic REST API. If you're ready to start learning, here's where to begin:

Example Projects

If you want to see what a finished project looks like, check out our example projects:

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