Deploy Your App

Here, we'll look at how to deploy Vue apps with two popular hosting providers: Netlify and Vercel.

Connect to GitHub

On GitHub, create a new repository for your project if you don't have one already. Make your latest changes are pushed to your GitHub repository.

Deploy with Vercel

Log in to Vercel or create an account:

Then, click "Import Project" to create a new site.

Continue with "import git repository."

Enter the URL of your GitHub repository. If necessary, adjust your GitHub app settings to allow Vercel access to the repository.

On the settings page, set the build command to npm run build.

Click "deploy." It will take a moment for your site to build.

🎉 Now your site is online!

Deploy with Netlify

Make a Netlify account or log in.

Then click "New site from Git."

Under "Continuous Deployment," click "GitHub." If you haven't done so already, give Netlify access to your GitHub repositories. Then find your project repository and select it.

On the settings page, fill in the "Basic build settings." For the "Build Command," enter npm run build, and for the "Publish Directory," enter dist.

Then click "Deploy Site." It will take a moment for your site to build.

🎉 Now your site is online!

Next Steps

Now that your site is online, on the next page, we'll show you how to add previews so that you can see what content will look like before publishing it.

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