Prismic Meetup

Pro tips for efficient Developer x Marketer collaboration


So it looks like podcast advertising works...

and, as they told you, Prismic is the component-based CMS that you didn't know that you needed

Choose your technology

OK, this bit is standard for a 'headless' CMS, but there's no denying the fact that it's cool. Choosing Prismic won't restrict any of your other technology decisions.

Component-based CMS

Where we really stand out is by encouraging you to breaking your pages into sections. Use components for your code and matching Slices for your design.

With features for devs

We're a CMS built by devs, for devs, so of course, we threw in a bunch of features that we've always wanted. Slices to build. Previews to review. You can read all about it here.

So you love the podcast, but which host are you?

We're not saying you can't be both Team Wes and Team Scott, but chances are you're either Vue or React

Prismic Features


Prismic encourages you to adopt a component-based approach and our Slices feature allows you to continue that right through to your layout and design.


Our dynamic multi-session Previews will allow you and your team to simultaneously generate as many Previews as you want.

Image Optimization

Prismic will automatically deliver images that are optimized for your end user's browser and device - including NextGen images. Compressed images. Higher quality images. Faster websites.

Using React technologies with Prismic

Levi is a React Guy

Doesn't have a lake house, but he does know all about using React technologies with Prismic

Team Wes

  • To be able to modify the HTML output of a Rich Text
  • Encourages a component-based approach
  • Faster rendering
  • Stable code and SEO friendly
  • Great developer experience
  • You can be all cool and use Gatsby

Using Vue Technologies with Prismic.

Phil is a Vue Guy

He probably can't do a head spin, but he can show you how to use Vue technologies with Prismic

Team Scott

  • Easy learning curve
  • Easy to use components
  • Option of using JS or HTML files using virtual nodes
  • Extensive and easy-to-follow documentation
  • Simple integration
  • Great developer experience