Understand prismic.io's API in a glimpse

Our API enables you to perform queries and fetch content to display in any website or app, using any technology and within any design.

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Simple web API & native development kits

prismic.io's API follows the RESTful approach and has a single end-point where you submit your queries. Development kits are available in a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks to get you up and running quickly.

Flexible & rich content

API responses are free from any presentation-specific markup. Use your favorite templating system or framework to display your content the optimal way.

Powerful query capabilities

Queries are composed using a powerful mechanism called predicates. A predicate constrains what the API should return. You can mix several predicates to get, say, featured blog posts authored this year which talk about cats and chocolate!

Multi-versioned for staging and experiments

When you submit a query to the API, you can specify a "ref" parameter indicating which version of a document you want to display. You can query public versions, non public staged changes or a specific variation of a running multi-variable experiment.

User-friendly API browser

API browser is a user friendly tool to compose and test content queries. Add predicates with the help of autocomplete and syntax highlighting, explore responses and, when satisfied, copy the query into your code.

Extreme cache performance

Your content is cached forever, but updates go live instantly, thanks to our perfectly designed RESTful API.

A scalable API you can rely on

Never be scared to over-query our API, we've got your back! And when your project gets more traffic, we'll be proud to help you grow, concern-free.

Create your prismic.io repository now, it's free to start experimenting and developing with.

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