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The writing-room is our content management back-office. It is designed to provide the most comfortable and productive experience to manage, optimise and publish content.

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Your content organized into documents & fragments

The writing-room organises your content into documents. A document can correspond to an article, a product, a feature or anything you like. Documents contain rich fragments like rich texts, images, dates and geo-location points.

User-friendly visual editor for editing rich content

The visual rich editor allows you to create and modify documents with various fragment types. Write rich texts, upload, resize and crop images, pin geo-location points and pick colors and dates.

Experiments for optimising and A/B testing variations Experiments permit you to ditch guesswork for empirical measurement. Create different variations of your content, set your goal and watch which variation brings more conversions and less bounce rate.

Content releases for staging and previewing your changes

A content release allows you to group related changes, preview them in your website or app and, when ready, publish them all together.

Creativity workflow & collaboration

Content releases are also a modern way for organizing content work. Content writers suggest changes for a release, and publishers approve the changes. This is what referes to as the creativity favoring workflow.

Powerful modern content versioning

Every change you make is versioned, and keeps every version of your documents forever. This means you will never lose a change and you can, anytime, revert a document to an older state.

Advanced diff visualization for tracking changes

The writing-room features an advanced visualization of changes between document versions. Preview what has changed not only in text, but also in images, links, geo-location points and every other rich fragment.

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