Integrate a CMS into Vue.js projects

A page that aims to convince you that Prismic is a good CMS for Vue.js projects by showing its SDK, docs, and sample projects

Vue.js is a solid JS framework which we (the Prismic team that is writing this article) like very much. (Here's an article about it that we published a while ago: 3 reasons to use Vue.js in your next web project).

As with most websites, sometimes there's the inevitable point when you, the developer, need to make content editable for the rest of your team: writers, authors, content managers, marketers, etc. Basically, you need a CMS. But not just any CMS – preferably, one that would play well with your existing tech stack.

We'd go as far as to claim that Prismic is a solid CMS that integrates well with Vue.js projects. Why's that, you say. Fair question. Let's hear some answers.

The Vue.js-specific stuff

What we created specifically with Vue developers in mind:

The generic CMS stuff

What you need to know to make sure that it's indeed a CMS and not just a UI on top of a database:

  • Prismic is a headless/API-first CMS, meaning it makes the content available via an API
  • And it's a hosted CMS (a SaaS, yes), so you can skip the "let's spend 2 hours setting this up" part
  • Aside from the CMS basics (creating, editing, and publishing pages, as well as translating content, scheduled publishing, import/export, etc.), there's a whole lot of cool features that you won't see in every CMS. (Basically, we do care a lot about editors' UX as much as that of developers)
  • We won't spam you with listing every feature ever, but we've been told that live preview (being able to look at your page while editing it) and slices (being able to reuse repeating blocks of content across different pages) are the reason people turn to Prismic

Hopefully all of that was very convincing

Have a look at the docs, try the starter project, and if it all seems reasonable – create an account and try it out yourself.

If you have concerns about pricing: there's quite a bit of things that you can do on the free plan and we intend to keep it like that.