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Most recent: Episode 28 -

New Prismic Website - Case Study

Next Wednesday’s meetup will be about sharing our journey, what we learned, what we struggled with, and what we structured along the way.

About our shows

Every month, Renaud and Sadek host this live show to share news about Prismic's product strategy, announce new features, and present early prototypes. It's also the place where Prismic enthusiasts meet and connect. You can participate with live chat and a Q&A session, and help us choose what features and topics to cover.

Share a meal with us

We offer attendees an Uber voucher so that you can enjoy a pizza or a warm dish while watching the show.

Meet the community

Connect with like-minded Prismic people, share your opinions about front-end stacks, and grow your circle.

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Most recent: Episode 28 -

New Prismic Website - Case Study

Next Wednesday’s meetup will be about sharing our journey, what we learned, what we struggled with, and what we structured along the way.

Most recent: Episode 27 -

Planning 2023? Join and inspire from other teams’ success in 2022

For those of you already planning for 2023, it’s a great time to reflect on the progress your team made in 2022 and to get inspiration from other teams’ achievements. This Wednesday’s meetup will be all about that.

Most recent: Episode 26 -

Growth Masterclass: Advanced Competitive Analysis

We want to help you strategically learn how to analyze your competitors, and we want to give you a system, a method for it. Aadil Razvi, founding member at Demand Curve, will join us to give his Growth Masterclass on Advanced Competitive Analysis.

Most recent: Episode 25 -

Website Rebrand: How can it be a turning point for your growth?

If you have ever worked on a rebrand — or if you’re considering one for your company — this meetup will be a great opportunity to discuss and learn from one of the best agencies in the space: https://how.studio/.

Most recent: Episode 24 -

Pro tips for efficient Developer x Marketer collaboration

What does an efficient developer x marketer website collaboration look like? We think it’s one that: - Gives marketers the right level of control over the website, so they can create new pages without being anxious about breaking the visual brand or impacting performance. - Streamlines workflows for developers adding new features to the website so that team initiatives get released quickly.

Most recent: Episode 23 -

6 Website Content Strategy Tips from Smashing Magazine

Are you a designer, developer, or marketer building a blog, creating landing pages, or managing a website? This meetup will help you succeed. How can you make the reading and navigation experience so good that visitors get absorbed by your content and convert from it.

Most recent: Episode 22 -

Successful Freelancer Share Their Words of Wisdom

A Meetup dedicated to the topic of Freelancing. We had Antoine Martin (https://sirkan.dev/) at the studio with us. Antoine has been freelancing for over 8 years now, first balancing with full-time jobs in agencies, and then doing only that since 2018.

Most recent: Episode 21 -

7 Tips for High-Quality Content Strategy

We dedicated the Meetup to marketers (and developers who are curious about how marketing works 🙂), answering a very common question: How do you scale your content production without sacrificing quality?

Most recent: Episode 20 -

From WordPress to Prismic

The team at Anything joined us to share how they win the support of teams that need to move away from WordPress. They’ll explain how they help their clients visualize the payoff from this change by restoring their confidence.

Most recent: Episode 19 -

Prismic + Next.js is getting even better

The developer experience on Next.js and Prismic is very important for us. We want to make it so compelling that more React developers turn to Prismic + Next.js for their website projects.

Most recent: Episode 18 -

Do what you are good at

What do you enjoy doing the most on your website? What makes you feel most valuable to your team? Is it experimenting and iterating on content? Building new Slices? What if you could spend all of your time on just that?

Most recent: Episode 17 -

Back to class with some live coding!

Prismic’s Meetup is back on Wednesday. This month, we want to share (and demo!) our vision of how it should feel to build websites and iterate on new content projects with Prismic.

Most recent: Episode 15 -

Turning Websites into Growth Machines

Why do people watch movies for hours, but look at web pages for just seconds? When our users at With Love Internet answer that question they propel client growth.

Most recent: Episode 14 -

Delivering next level quality with the JAMStack

The JAMStack has inherent benefits for building quality sites, but we came across two users who have taken productivity and collaboration to the next level.

Most recent: Episode 13 -

Boost acquisition through SEO with Prismic

In this Product Meetup, we'll talk about how to boost engagement, drive acquisition through SEO, and use Prismic as part of a strong SEO strategy.

Most recent: Episode 12 -

Should I activate Slice Machine in my project?

Sadek and Renaud discuss with you about Slice Machine in-depth and if you can activate it on your project.

Most recent: Episode 11 -

The Invisible Progress

For June's Meetup we want to tell you more about what our team has been doing behind the scenes: we'll be talking about our Open-Source work and the improvements we've released for better API stability and faster response time.

Most recent: Episode 10 -

A Big Announcement

Our May Product Meetup is happening on Wednesday and we’ve got a big announcement about the future of Prismic. We would love for you to join us to hear the news and discuss the future.

Most recent: Episode 9 -

How Prismic Does Open Source

Prismic is a proudly proprietary platform. We offer a managed CMS, taking care of most of the heavy lifting like hosting, upgrades, and maintenance. But being closed-source does not mean we're closed to open source.

Most recent: Episode 8 -

Versioning Your Model, Variations, and More

We used this meetup to announce several improvements, but the main discussion was about content models and how to version them.