Define a default value for your select fields

Written by Renaud in API on September 13,2017

Today, we have started deploying a new little feature that allows developers to define a default value for a select field.

A lot of our users reported the need for a default value for different types of fields. These default values will be a time-saver for editors and avoid empty/null values in templates.

It's already available for your repository

You can activate the feature through the custom type builder by editing your select field. You now have the option to activate the default value on your select. The first value of your select field will be set as the default value.

This will replace the placeholder in the content editor and will deliver the default value in the API, by default.

Enabling a default value for the select field is already available for some repos and is being deployed progressively for everyone. You can ask to have this feature enabled through the chat support or through our community forum.

Renaud Bressand

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