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Perfect for Top-Notch Developers keeps your content at your disposal, in a content repository that you can query via its simple REST API

Your site. Your app. Your way.

You're the skilled developer, so why would it be ok to settle for technical constraints as soon as there's manageable content involved? allows you to use your favorite technology, your skills, your way, with no unnecessary constraint.

Your design. Your results.

Displayed as a featured item on the homepage? As a related article in the side column? Or as a whole page on a tablet? helps you make all your content adaptable to all possible designs.


REST, JSON or HTML, effective API browser, thorough documentation, all amazingly easy to use.

Get started in no time

Get your project up and running in seconds. Nothing to install.

Unlimited websites or apps

Your content is API-based, you can inject it easily into new platforms and sites.

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Perfect for Effective Content Writers provides a collaborative writing room that solves actual content writer's problems

Comfy writing room

Structured content doesn't have to mean it has to look like database form fields! is designed to be your favorite content editor, while making no compromise over content's structure.

Content management, done right

Keep track of all the changes, collaborate with others, preview what you have planned for the future. You will never again be scared to make a change to your content.


Prepare all your content for next Christmas. Yes, even if you have typos to fix before then.


Content is better when polished together. We give you the collaborative tools.

Unlimited reach

Be the first on the newest devices, and address more and more visitors in no time.

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Wait! I didn't quite get this…

How is this a different approach to content management?

Well, for starters, solves the content issues that developers and content writers really do have today.

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Is it compatible with my project? puts no constraints on technologies used in your project, as long as you can use a simple RESTful API.

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How is it faster and easier to use?

You had two limited options so far, with many downsides. takes the best of both worlds.

How does it do that?

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