Move your content to Prismic with speed and confidence.

Migrate content in bulk with an easy to use API

Experience a smooth content migration with Prismic's Migration API. Transfer content to Prismic fast and without hiccups.

  • Migrate thousands of pages within a few hours
  • Import content in multiple locales
  • Make changes to the already imported content
  • 30,637 documents created with the migration API in the last month

Ensure quality with migration releases

To ensure a successful migration, content is first imported into a migration release.

  • Preview and verify that all fields are correctly mapped
  • Make adjustments if needed
  • Publish up to 1,000 pages at once

Innovate with the time you saved on migration

Structure your current content better, add new features, or release a whole new site with the time you gained.

Grow your website with powerful features

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Which plans include Migration API?

Migration API is available on every plan. Check out our pricing page to find a plan that suits your needs.

Migrate your content to Prismic with speed and confidence