We’re passionate about websites

And we’re on a mission to empower everyone — individuals and organizations — to express their identity and grow their business online.

Picture of the Prismic team on a walk in Paris
Photo by Samuel Horn

Growth is at the core of our mentality

Our goal is to change the way that people succeed online, and we’re starting with how they achieve growth through their websites. But, for us, it doesn’t stop there.

We grow through our own website. And even our internal culture encourages people to grow their careers by taking on new challenges.

Picture of a team member in a coworking space

Prismic is a place where we all strive for success — together

Seeing others, especially our clients, succeed and figuring out how we can continuously support them is what gets us out of bed every morning.

We’re developers and marketers just like our users, leveraging our own tools for growth. And we learn from our customers, too. You can be sure we’ll share every secret we discover through the innovations we implement in our tools.

Our headquarters is in Paris, France, and our team is spread across more than 10 countries, comprising over 20 different nationalities. This cultural diversity greatly benefits employee relations and interactions with our users.

Photos by Samuel Horn & Benjamin Martin

Numbers matter — so here are a few important ones

  • 2013

    We’ve been helping websites thrive for the past 10 years. Prismic was created by a team of 7 building sites for a living in an agency. Since then, many more website lovers joined.

  • 70+

    We're a team of 70 with 20+ nationalities distributed across 13 countries. Our 2023 score for the Equality Index was 69 out of 100 and is detailed here (in french).

  • 15,000+

    Over 15,000 websites have been built with Prismic with technologies like Next.js and Nuxt.js. Including the sites of Dribbble, Spotify and The New York Times.

What we’re building

We’re creating a new standard for building websites — a tool that empowers teams to rapidly build and iterate on stunning websites, without compromising on performance. How? By building two interconnected tools that work together to change the way developers build and marketers create.

A way to ship more than a website

We’re giving developers a way to go beyond delivering a website and to instead deliver a powerful custom page builder to their teams. Our customizable Page Builder is made of slices, which are reusable website sections.

Naturally, we had to make the experience of building slices a dream. So we created our local developer tool, Slice Machine, which allows developers to code and customize the interface within their local development workflow.

A way to create without compromise

With our custom Page Builder interface, marketing teams can use slices to find the independence they want on their websites. No more compromising on the benefits of a rapid workflow or performance.

Our custom Page Builder gives marketers the control they want when creating new pages without the distracting fears of breaking a branded design (or worse — the website).

Used by inspiring companies to build inspiring websites

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