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You're building websites that meet the unique demands of each of your clients. We've built a CMS that helps you to do that better.

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A Natural Partnership

We know that digital agencies face challenges that are very different from our other users. In a world overflowing with software options, it's hard enough to choose the right technologies for a single project. Having to make those same decisions for multiple projects, each with their own requirements, can be a real headache. 

That's why we've worked hard on building a CMS that helps agencies do their job. What's in it for us? We get invaluable feedback on our product and sharing interesting stories helps us to grow organically and inspire our users. You do your thing. Your clients are happy. We share the news. Everyone looks great. What could be better? Win. Win. Win. 

A CMS that lets you - be you

You'll get a Headless CMS that makes creating unique websites faster and easier. Your clients will get a CMS that allows even non-tech savvy people to manage the content. And we'll get some great projects to share.

Collaborate with components

A component-based CMS makes life easier. Especially for agencies. Divide up projects, work at different speeds, and collaborate on sections. And, when you're done, provide your clients with brand-appropriate Slices and an enjoyable publishing experience so that they can easily create and update pages themselves.

Maximize your talent

Finding talented devs and designers is hard. Really hard. But that's the thing about using Prismic, you won't have to look for developers with a very particular set of skills. A technology agnostic CMS makes you free to hire talent and to let them do their thing. Now all you have to worry about are the requirements of your clients...

Who are our Partners?

We're the first choice CMS for agencies all over the world. Our Partner list already includes the likes of Ueno, Zaneray, and AOS. We're not trying to throw some flashy names at you to impress or distract you (well, sort of), we just want you to know that we've done this before.

Each of our partners, big or small, gets the same benefits and level of care and attention. We're sure that you choose projects because they interest you, not just because they bring in revenue (your sales team might not feel that way) and the same goes for how we choose our Partners. We want agencies that take on great projects and we want to do our part in helping them to do great work.

Prismic allows your dev and design teams to pick the technologies that they prefer. No need for retraining. Hiring is more straight-forward. You become more attractive to talent.

Birkir CTO at Ueno

But wait...there's more

The biggest advantage? You get to use Prismic. We don't mean that in an arrogant way, but we would never want a Partner to choose us for any reason other than the fact that they love our product. But we know that Partner Programs usually sweeten the deal, so we do offer some other benefits that will help you to get the most out of our product.


OK, this is what might get your sales team excited. For every client that you bring to Prismic we will show our appreciation by splitting 20% of the value of their contract with you. So when we say you'll grow as we grow, we mean it.

Dedicated partner account manager

We've got a dedicated Partner Manager who will make sure that you and your clients get the most out of Prismic. Nothing makes her happier than seeing an inbox full of exciting projects that she can get involved with.

Cross-marketing opportunities

Our marketing relies on real success stories - and we know that our Partners will provide some great ones. We will promote your projects, create case studies  and articles of our own, and even feature your logo on our website.

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