User roles

Add new contributors with confidence. Ensure each new team member has the appropriate level of editing permissions.

User roles

Give your team the right level of editing rights

As your website grows and you bring in more contributors, it's important to make sure everyone has the proper editing and publishing permissions. With the medium plan and up, Prismic lets you manage these roles for your team.

  • Create and edit draft pages as a writer
  • Publish drafts and schedule releases as a publisher
  • Manage your repository settings as an administrator
Roles per locale

Assign localized user roles

As your business grows into new markets, it's vital for your team to easily access the locales they are working in. The greater the number of locales, the more necessary it becomes to keep things organized.

With Prismic's enterprise plan, you can set up the right permission roles for team members based on the locales they are responsible for, ensuring they only see the content that matters to them.

Coming soon: team spaces

Set roles that align with your website team's organization

As the number of pages and content on your website increases, organizing everything and restricting access becomes crucial.

With Prismic's enterprise plan, you will soon be able to define team spaces. For instance, one for your blog managed by the content strategy team, and another for your main website pages run by the product marketing team.

  • Help your team jump right into work
  • Grant the right privileges to parts of your website
  • Allow your team to focus on relevant content only

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Which plans include user roles?

User roles are available as part of the Medium, Platinum, and Enterprise plans. Roles per locale and team spaces are available on enterprise plan only. Compare the plans to find the plan that works for you.

Add new contributors with confidence

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