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June 05,2018

New feature: Set up new custom types faster by reusing existing content components

A quick reminder for those who haven’t used slices yet: slices are reusable content components that can be inserted into any custom type. Slices are good for recurring content elements that appear across different pages of a website: for example, a “headline + image + text paragraph” section that can appear on different landing pages with different layouts. The point of slices is to enable creating new pages without writing new code – so that content managers can create new pages independently.

By Renaud Bressand


July 03,2014

Geo-code your content: find documents around you!

Customising content in relation to one's geographic position (geo-coded content) has become very important in the past few years. For example, when looking for stores on the "Les Bonnes Choses" pastry shop website, it is very handy to be suggested the nearest store depending on your location. This kind of feature is now possible through's Content API thanks to a new document fragment named “GeoPoint”.

By Sébastien Renault


May 22,2014

Even faster API for faster websites: deliver API & media assets via a CDN

From the early design days, we architectured to provide extreme performance for websites and apps using our content API. Our API is designed to be elastically scalable. In addition, one of the key properties allowing us to achieve high performance is that all our API content calls can be cached forever. This is also true for the media assets linked by the documents: they can be cached forever as well.

By Guillaume Bort