Schedule and release

Ensure a timely release of content by scheduling individual pages or grouped changes to go out at a specified date and time.

Schedule your content for launch at off hours

Free your team from logging back into work at midnight to manually make timely updates. Set an individual page or grouped updates to go live at a specific time, and move forward with the next great strategy on the roadmap.

Publish multiple pages all at once

Save time publishing content by grouping all of your changes to go out at the same time. Coordinate content updates that need to happen across the entire website, for a holiday campaign, for example.

Prismic's ability to schedule and release multiple landing pages simultaneously is really useful and enables us to plan and execute marketing campaigns more efficiently, ensuring a coordinated and timely release of content.

Preview and share your changes to get feedback

Group all of your changes into one release, then preview everything as if all of your changes were already live. Share a preview link for the release with your team to gather feedback or get approval.

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Which plans include releases?

Scheduling and releases are available across all plans, from free to enterprise. Check out our plans to find the one that best suits your needs.

Ensure a timely release of content

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