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Get a custom page builder configured to your needs. Create feature-rich blog posts independently to increase traffic and engagement.

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Before, it took at least two hours to add a new post to the blog. Now, with Prismic, it only takes ten minutes.

Tim Bennetto

Release blog posts right on schedule

Attract more visitors to your blog and consistently meet your publishing goals. With Prismic, releasing new blog posts is a ‘slice’ of cake.

  • Assemble blog posts like a slide deck

    Craft exceptional posts by combining slices, similar to how you assemble slides for a presentation. Slices are custom-made, reusable sections that ensure design consistency, while giving you flexibility in how you structure your posts.

  • See results in real-time

    Receive immediate feedback while creating posts with live preview. Then use the full page preview to ensure the final result looks just right.

  • Fly through your text with familiar shortcuts

    Format your text on the fly using slash commands.

  • Schedule your posts to go out just in time

    Prepare your posts in advance, then schedule them to go out just at the right moment.

How Pallyy Grew Daily Visitors

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After switching to Prismic, I published over 80 blog posts at a rate of five blog posts a month, and more and more people came to Pallyy’s blog and website. The number of daily visitors surged from 500 to 10,000.

Tim Bennetto

Get your blog SEO-ready

Boost your blog's ranking with features that simplify content optimization and make technical elements more manageable.

  • Boost SEO from the comfort of your Page Builder

    SEO and metadata tab is auto-generated when your developer sets up your blog. This simplifies adding SEO details to your posts, improving your chances of ranking higher in the SERPs.

  • Automate structured data management

    Structured data can be built into slices, allowing you to focus on your work free from all the technicalities. Check out how you can do it in our blog post.

  • Load your blog in milliseconds

    Ensure rapid content delivery to users globally in milliseconds with Prismic's API backed by a content delivery network (CDN).

  • Impress with your Core Web Vitals

    Improve page speed and performance, crucial for better Core Web Vitals, using Prismic's SDKs for frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt.js, and SvelteKit.

  • Enhance performance with built-in image optimization

    Integration with Imgix provides on-the-fly image optimization and support for modern image formats. It dynamically compresses and optimizes images, enhancing website performance and SEO.

How Prismic Built Their Blog with Prismic

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A good blog offers a superior, memorable user experience, loads fast, generates interactions with readers, and helps attract the right traffic to your website. From what we can tell so far, our initiatives prove to be working! Our session durations for visitors who saw blog posts increased by 75%.

Nouha Chhih smiling.
Nouha Chihh
Head of Marketing

Increase the time spent per page with interactive elements

Give your visitors additional reasons to stay and explore by adding engaging elements on top.

  • Add engagement elements to your blog posts

    By incorporating different 'slices' like related posts, quizzes, newsletters, and CTAs, you can greatly boost user engagement and conversions.

  • Create a captivating blog homepage

    Build a collection of slices that enable you to independently play around with the structure of your blog homepage. Incorporate various layouts to display blog posts on the homepage, attracting readers to delve deeper.

  • Facilitate user-driven feedback

    By enabling readers to actively engage with your content through actions such as commenting, liking, and upvoting, you can foster a thriving community and gather valuable feedback. We wrote handy tips on how to do it in our blog post.

  • Help users discover relevant content quickly

    Enhance the user experience on your blog by optimizing content discovery. Implementing effective search functionality, intuitive tagging, and filtering options will empower your users to quickly find and explore valuable content, boosting their engagement and prolonging their stay on your blog. Get insights on how to set it up in our blog post.

How it works

On your way to releasing engaging blog posts faster


Step 1: Set up

Developers create a dedicated page type for blog posts and add custom-made slices to it using our local development tool, Slice Machine.


Step 2: Create

Developers create a dedicated page type for blog posts and add custom-made slices to it using our local development tool, Slice Machine.


Step 3: Enrich

As you’re adding your content to Prismic, you can enhance how it shows up using your custom-made slices. Make important points stand out using a callout slice or increase engagement with a quiz slice.


Step 4: Expand

Embrace a simple workflow between you and your developers. Now you only need to request sections instead of major template changes. When you need a new section, the developer codes it and adds it to the Page Builder.

How Evri Cut Their Time to Ship

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It’s like a loop where our designers want a page to look a certain way. We say, 'Okay, that's a website page - the content team should be able to create that.' The content team can look at it and say, 'We have almost all of that now because it's all in slices, but we just need this change to this slice or we need this variant on this slice.’

Ciaran Green profile picture
Ciaran Green
Technical Architect

Get inspired with real examples from our own blog

Add various slice variations for CTAs in order to independently test what type of design is effective in driving conversions from your blog.

Add interactive elements like quizzes, which you can edit directly in the Page Builder without needing a developer's assistance once they have been built.

If you are writing for a technical audience, implementing an interactive code snippet is an excellent method to facilitate easy copying and pasting of the code.

Add related posts where desired and easily manage which ones are displayed.

Hit your blog goals

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