Build Websites with enables you to build websites with Content Management in Node.js, PHP, Ruby or any other technology. Simply define, edit and publish your content in a Content Repository, use the SDK to query and fetch content from our API, and integrate it into your website templates.

Getting Started

Create a content repository

A content repository is where you define, edit and publish content.

Create Repository

Download the development kit

The SDK allows you to query and fetch content from your content repository and integrate it into your template. It's the easiest way to get started with a new project. Integration with an existing project or a different framework than the one used in the SDK is detailed at the bottom of this page.

Download SDK Download SDK Download SDK Download SDK Download SDK

Configure and run your project

Unzip the downloaded file in a new location for your project.

Replace the repository url in your prismic configuration file with

      apiEndpoint: "",
      "api" => "",
      <!-- in the filter definition, in web.xml -->
    <!-- param-name>accessToken</param-name>
    <param-value>xxxx</param-value -->


Point your terminal to your project location and run!

      npm install
npm install -g nodemon
      composer install
      mvn jetty:run

And your journey begins!

Now you're all set to start building your website with content management.

To do next: define Custom Types for your pages, posts, events, etc. Query and integrate these into your project's templates!

Working with existing projects

If you already have a website you want to integrate to, want to use a different framework than proposed in the SDK or simply prefer to use your own tools to bootstrap the project, you can simply add the library as a dependency.

      npm install prismic-nodejs --save
      composer require prismic/php-sdk
      <!-- Check Maven Central to make sure you're using the latest version -->
      npm install --save
      gem install --pre
require 'prismic'