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Our content team moves much quicker in deploying web pages.

Yuriy Mikitchenko·Veriff
Yuriy Mikitchenko

Our engineers ship 10-15 slices every quarter and we create better experiences.

Arnas Juškevičius·Oxylabs

We love using Prismic for its ease of integration and the speed at which we can go from technical plan to implementation.

Justin Desjardins·Thinkingbox
Justin Desjardins profile picture

I don't know that there's another workflow that would help us get this far, this fast.

Jason Lengstorf profile picture
Jason Lengstorf


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We have around 40 slices now, and a lot of them have variants. That covers almost everything. It's quite infrequent that we get a design and the content creators say that they don’t have what they need.

Ciaran Green profile picture
Ciaran Green
Technical Architect at Evri

Slices give me a standardized CMS so pages look unique even if we are reusing the same slices over and over again.

Heather Robertson profile picture
Heather Robertson

Former SVP of Global Marketing

Prismic's user-friendly interface has made it easy to empower clients with the flexibility to manage their own content.

Antoine Ughetto·makemepulse

Our dev team can quickly set up a custom page builder that gives our clients a simple solution for managing their website.

Nathan Searles·Studio Mega
Nathan Searles profile picture

The intuitive editing experience and killer features like slices have cemented Prismic as our default choice.

TJ Kohli·Monogram
TJ Kohli profile picture

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We have a beautiful and impactful brand, and we wanted to ensure that even as we distinguish certain parts of the site for different audiences, the brand still maintains its consistency and impact. Using Prismic helped us do that in an effective way with slices.

Adam Offitzer
Director of Brand and Comms

Slices have to be the #1 thing, the customisation you can get with producing slices for different clients is exceptional.

Jodie Doubleday

Developer and Founder at The Juniper Studio

I didn't want our site to look like a template, like if we bought a theme. I wanted unique pages, unique content. Slices give me a standardized CMS so pages look unique even if we are reusing the same slices over and over again.

Heather Robertson

Former SVP of Global Marketing

Prismic enabled us to decentralize website content creation to 30+ people thanks to a clever slice system and easy content modeling. I’m still amazed at how fast each new joiner is ramping up!

Josselin Milon profile picture
Josselin Milon

Website Product Manager

Prismic transformed our web development with an easy-to-use platform, enabling seamless tech-marketing collaboration. Slice Machine has allowed us to embrace the headless approach of website building, bringing more value to our clients.

Marianela Queme
Head of Technology at DPDK

Once I tried Slice Machine, I saw how much of a game changer it was. I've not started any new projects with a CMS other than Prismic since.

David Fox profile picture
David Fox

Freelance developer

Slice Machine really changes the game and helps Prismic stand out.

Coner Murphy profile picture
Coner Murphy

Freelance developer

Prismic has been a game-changer for makemepulse. By freeing up valuable time and resources with its powerful CMS, we have been able to focus on pushing the boundaries of creativity and delivering award-winning websites.

Antoine Ughetto
CEO & CTO at makemepulse

Prismic has empowered our marketing team to quickly implement changes to our site.

Matt Satell profile picture
Matt Satell

Director of SEO

Prismic is so developer friendly, the bigger the project gets, the less you need to do.

Diemas Michiels profile picture
Diemas Michiels

Freelance developer

There are many headless solutions out there. You will need to spend weeks learning how the platform works. That was not my experience with Prismic.

David Leuliette profile picture
David Leuliette

Freelancer developer

My favorite part about working with Prismic is the friendly UI of the Page Builder. It's really slick, and it means that content editors don't need as much help learning how to edit content.

Jake Fulton


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The simplicity, integration with Nuxt, and simple team features made Prismic the perfect choice.

Tim Bennetto
Founder of Pallyy

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