Create on-brand pages independently with reusable page sections.

  • Reusable

    In both the editing interface and in code, slices are reusable components.

  • Branded

    Your brand and design system is built into slices.

  • Scalable

    A slice is a single component, so the changes are made in one place.

Create pages as quickly as you can think of them

Slices help marketing teams quickly make dynamic pages.

  • Use your building blocks to craft pages in your unique way
  • Mix and match slices for endless exciting page combinations
  • Keep the fun going by experimenting with page layouts

Our content team moves much quicker in deploying web pages. Slices make the process of ideation to deployment faster while maintaining the quality of our branding.

Yuriy Mikitchenko profile picture
Yuriy Mikitchenko

Growth Marketing Director

Keep your brand's impact intact

Slices have the design system built into them, freeing marketing teams from making granular design decisions as they’re creating their content. Instead, marketers can focus on crafting a compelling H1.

  • Integrate your design system directly into slices
  • Give your team the right amount of flexibility
  • Free your marketing team from making granular design decisions

We have a beautiful and impactful brand, and we wanted to ensure that the brand maintains its consistency and impact. Using Prismic helped us do that in an effective way with slices.

Adam Offitzer

Director of Brand and Comms

Easy to maintain and to expand

Because every slice is based on a single component, when it’s time to make design or code updates, there’s just one place to make the changes. This makes the architecture of a Prismic site highly scalable and easily maintainable.

It's very easy to go from someone sending you webpage with an issue on it to identifying the file with the corresponding bug in it. We open that document in Prismic, identify the exact slice that has the bug, then locate the file that corresponds to that slice. And we know the bug is somewhere in that file.

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Ciaran Green

Technical Architect

How it works

Make your website composable


Start with a slice

Developers create the initial set of slices, which the marketing team can later mix and match in any way they want.


Make it branded

Developers custom code slices based on your company's design system making sure your pages are always on brand.


Create a page

With a complete slice library, your marketing team can try out different variations to make each new page unique.


Keep it fresh

As your website grows, so does your slice library. Keep updating existing slices with new ideas, or ask your developer for more when needed.

How Evri Cut Their Time to Ship

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It’s like a loop where our designers want a page to look a certain way. We say, 'Okay, that's a website page - the content team should be able to create that.' The content team can look at it and say, 'We have almost all of that now because it's all in slices, but we just need this change to this slice or we need this variant on this slice.’

Ciaran Green profile picture
Ciaran Green
Technical Architect

A couple of more things to like about slices

  • Templates

    Slice templates are slices made by the Prismic team. Start with pre-configured CTAs or Heroes and simply style them to match your brand.

  • Variations

    Slice variations offer the flexibility to create multiple versions of a slice, such as hero with text only or hero with an image.

  • Screenshots

    Slice screenshots help the marketing team easily spot the right slice when creating pages in the Page Builder.

  • Slice library

    A slice library allows you to group your slices based on different projects for better organization, such as marketing pages or blog.

Get inspired

Make a great first impression with a hero slice. Design various options to match your message effectively and keep your design in line with your words.

Enrich your library of slices with multiple CTA options so that you can test them out and find your winner.

Increase trust with testimonial slices. Let your customers speak for you by adding testimonial slices throughout your pages.

Make your page relevant to your visitors by adding feature slices that showcase features connected to the value you promised them.

Best Practices for Building Your Own Slice Library

Check out Prismic's guide and insider tips on how to build and structure your slice library.

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Which plans include slices?

Slices are available across all plans, from free to enterprise. You can create as many slices as you want.

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