Slice Machine

Deliver a visual page builder fast

Configure a page-building experience for your marketing team easily with our development tool, Slice Machine. Empower marketers to release on-brand pages independently.

Slice Machine screenshot showing slice library with benefits and call to action slice

Why ship just a website? Ship it with a page builder.

Slice Machine

Create components, aka slices, locally using our development tool, Slice Machine. Slice Machine helps you build a visual page builder for your marketing team fast.

Visual Page Builder

The visual Page Builder is where marketers create beautiful pages to grow their website independently. It's what you create and customize for your marketing team using Slice Machine.

Prismic empowered Monogram to not only deliver websites, but a powerful page builder. The intuitive editing experience and killer features like slices have cemented Prismic as our default choice.

TJ Kohli


Work alongside your code without impacting production

Speed up your development time with built-in features that let you build, preview, and test locally, right inside your development environment.

Slice Machine screenshot showing a screen with a new call to action slice being created with background colour and heading fields

I don’t know that there’s another workflow that would let us get this far, this fast.

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Jason Lengstorf

Learn with Jason

Tight integrations with Next.js, Nuxt, and SvelteKit

Get an unmatched integration experience that goes beyond simple data fetching. Slice Machine generates components and data models within your project's environment, enabling you to work more efficiently.

A developer experience that feels like "Hey, developers, we love you"

  • Visual content modeling

    Save time defining content fields. Model your slice by adding or removing fields in Slice Machine. Your JSON model will be updated automatically.

  • Code snippets

    For each content field you add to your slice, we provide code snippets to template that field in the component.

  • Automatic TypeScript

    Code safely with automatic types for your content.

  • Auto-generated component structure

    Skip the initial repetitive tasks with boilerplate code. Slices are automatically saved to your project in your /slices folder with boilerplate code.

  • Templates

    Slice templates are slices made by the Prismic team. Start with pre-configured CTAs or heroes and simply style them to match your brand.

  • Shared slices

    Reuse slices across page types. Make your slices available on specific pages or reuse them everywhere.

  • Slice variations

    Build multiple variations of your slice, such as light and dark option. Give flexibility to your content team, maintain one component.

  • Slice libraries

    Curate your own slice library with all components you want to share or reuse across projects.

  • One-click syncs

    All changes between your code and the cloud are in one place, so you can sync them together with one click.

  • Git-compatible

    You and your team can develop simultaneously and merge everything at the same time.

Once I got to try Slice Machine, I realised how much of a game changer it was. I've not started any brand new projects with a CMS other than Prismic since.

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David Fox

Freelance Developer

Slice Machine changes the game and helps Prismic stand out in the headless space.

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Coner Murphy

Freelance Developer

There are many headless solutions out there. You will need to spend weeks learning how the platform works. That was not my experience with Prismic.

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David Leuliette

Freelance Developer

Let's build it together

  • Follow progress

    We’re always shipping new updates to Slice Machine. See what’s new, what’s coming up, or submit an idea for a new feature.

  • Share feedback

    Join our research panel and help shape Prismic directly. Dive into usability tests, interviews, surveys, and more.

  • Build locally, connect globally

    Got questions? Have answers? Head over to our community forum to meet developers from around the world. Learn from them, help them with their projects, and start building together.

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Jun 18, 2024Latest
  • We fixed an error preventing the generation of types for groups in slices.



Jun 5, 2024

Hey! 👋

Today we are happy to bring support for Next 15 Release Candidate and a...



May 28, 2024

Hey! 👋

Today we are happy to bring support for [Svelte 5 Release Candidate](


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What is Slice Machine?

Slice Machine is a local development tool for building types and slice models in sync across your codebase and your Prismic repository. Slice Machine puts your content models in your codebase, so your code serves as the source of truth for your data structures. With Slice Machine, you can version and simulate your content models locally.

Deliver a visual page builder fast

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