Grow your website with powerful features

For marketing teams

Visual Page Builder

Build a page like a slide deck. Jump into a productive way of crafting pages that drive company growth.

  • Slices

    Create on-brand pages independently with reusable page sections.

  • Live editing

    Receive immediate feedback while creating pages. See your slices update in real-time as you fill them with content.

  • Drag and drop

    Reorganize your page layouts on the fly, the same way you rearrange slides in a presentation.

  • Easy navigation

    Navigate swiftly through your pages and quickly reach the section you want to edit.

  • Duplicate a slice

    Duplicate a slice so that you can experiment with copy or visuals for the same section before picking a winner.

  • Change variation

    Discover the ideal slice for your content by changing variations effortlessly.

  • Preview

    Release high quality pages with confidence.

  • Schedule and release

    Ensure a timely release of content.

  • Media library

    Create visually engaging pages fast.

  • User roles

    Add new contributors with confidence.

  • Localization

    Make your website relevant across markets.

  • AI features

    Create pages with a little bit of help.

  • SEO controls

    Add SEO metadata to your pages independently.

  • Revision history

    Keep track of all your previous versions.

  • Search

    Find what you need at all times.

For technical teams

Local development tool

Build a powerful Page Builder for your marketing team with our local development tool (which we affectionately call Slice Machine).

Integrate with Next, Nuxt, and SvelteKit fast

Get an unmatched integration experience that goes beyond data fetching.

  • Slices

    Slices are page sections that show up as reusable components in the editing interface and in code.

  • Shared slices

    Reuse slices across page types. Make your slices available on specific pages or reuse them everywhere.

  • Slice variations

    Build multiple variations of your slice, such as light and dark option. Give flexibility to your content team, maintain one component.

  • Slice libraries

    Curate your own slice library with all components you want to share or reuse across projects.

  • Templates

    Slice templates are slices made by the Prismic team. Start with pre-configured CTAs or heroes and simply style them to match your brand.

  • Visual content modeling

    Save time defining content fields. Model your slice by adding or removing fields in Slice Machine. Your JSON model will be updated automatically.

  • Code snippets

    For each content field you add to your slice, we provide code snippets to template that field in the component.

  • Auto-generated component structure

    Skip the initial repetitive tasks with boilerplate code. Slices are automatically saved to your project in your /slices folder with boilerplate code.

  • Automatic TypeScript

    Code safely with automatic types for your content.

  • One-click syncs

    All changes between your code and the cloud are in one place, so you can sync them together with one click.

  • Fast API, simple to use

    Our API is backed by a CDN, sending content to your users in milliseconds no matter where they are in the world.

  • Built-in image optimization

    Save time with the built-in Imgix integration that compresses and optimizes your images on-the-fly.

  • Small and efficient SDKs

    All Prismic’s SDKs are fully tested and well maintained. They are performant and small: bundled with modern tools so you have more kilobytes for what matters the most - your website code.

  • Previews at every step

    Preview your work at each stage, from making components to going live.

  • Environments

    Deploy critical website changes with confidence.

  • Migration API

    Experience a smooth content migration with Prismic's migration API.

Grow your website with powerful features

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