Release high quality pages with confidence by visualizing your work at every step, from creating slices to publishing a page.

Live editing

See your content as you create it in the Page Builder

Add a new slice, then start filling it with content. Observe the changes in real time on the left panel. Live editing enables you to see how your content fits within your chosen slice. This feature allows you to instantly check if your text is too long, the image too small, or if the slice appears overly content-heavy.

  • See right away how your content appears in a slice
  • Ensure the slice you chose fits your content well
  • Spot changes in real time

I have more clarity and spend less time double-checking ‘is this good or is it not?’ because I see straight away how my content looks like.

Albane Tonnellier

Product Marketing Manager

Full-page preview

Ensure quality before going live

When a page is ready, you can preview it as it would appear on your website. The full-page preview lets you experience the page just like your visitors would.

  • Preview individual pages as if they were live on your website
  • Group changes in a release and use preview to see them at once
  • Release with confidence when you're ready
Preview links

Get feedback from your team by sharing previews

When you need feedback from your team, use a generated preview link for each draft. Simply copy and paste this link to share it with your team.

  • Ensure quality with shareable previews
  • Get approvals before going live
  • Refine your content with the help of your team

I love the ability to send a preview link to a non-Primic user. We integrated Prismic into our team and workflows without a hitch.

Development preview

Preview slices as you're building them

As you're building new slices and variations, you can preview them on different screen sizes. Then, test what you've built with various content to make sure everything looks great in all circumstances.

  • Preview locally right next to your code
  • Use automatic mock data for quicker testing
  • Input real content locally to test in real-world scenarios

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Which plans include previews?

Previews are available on all plans, from free to enterprise. Check out our plans to find the one that suits your needs the best.

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