SvelteKit CMS

Add a CMS to your SvelteKit site in minutes

Manage your content with a tool that will unlock possibilities.

Websites that are already growing with Prismic and Svelte


Set the stage for success with powerful features

  • Component library

    Build your website with customizable components from our Svelte component library.

  • Automatic type generation

    Code safely with automatic types for your content.

  • Live editing

    See your content update in real-time in the Page Builder.

  • Image optimization

    Serve your images at the right size, in the right format — no config necessary.

  • Lightning-fast API

    Let us speed up your site with our superfast CDN.

  • Developer resources

    Stay unstuck with docs, videos, examples, boilerplates, and an active community

How it works

You install Slice Machine, our local development tool, and we setup everything else you need. We install SDKs, handle data fetching, and more, so you can focus on making your site unique.

You’re ready to model your page sections. We handle the data flow and give you code snippets so that rendering content is as simple as Ctrl-V. We write boilerplate; you create excellent components.

When you’re done developing components, push them to Prismic. Content teams now build pages independently with the page sections you created. Your SvelteKit site is performant, powerful, and on-brand.

Grow your website with tools for developers and marketers

Keep your productivity high

You love Svelte because it makes you productive. Our development tool, Slice Machine, will keep you productive.

  • Dedicated SvelteKit support
  • Great end-user experience
  • Speed and scalability

Hand over the keys

Give your marketing team the power to keep building after launch day. With Prismic’s Page Builder, your team will keep the website at the top of its game.

  • Live editing
  • Bulk releases
  • Intuitive workflows

Create beautiful websites with our help

Browse our wide selection of resources.

  • Get started with our intro to SvelteKit

    Create your first website with Prismic and SvelteKit.

  • Learn the ins and outs in the docs

    Find any info you need in our comprehensive documentation.

  • Raise questions in the forum

    Connect with the Prismic team and community in our active forum.

Meet Sam

Sam is a Senior Technical Writer at Prismic, and our Svelte Developer Advocate.

I think Svelte is awesome because it offers the best developer experience of any web framework. Prismic is the perfect compliment because it offers the best developer experience of any CMS. To me, Prismic–Svelte feels like a match made in heaven.

See just how good a developer experience can be

Find out what all the fuss is about.