Ensure brand consistency across multiple sites without added developer hours

A new website doesn't have to mean more work. Apply your brand across your websites efficiently by reusing existing components.

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Your company is launching another website. Great news! Only...

It means duplicating work you've already done for the main brand site. You have to start from scratch, spending countless expensive developer hours redoing all the work you've already done.

If only there was a way for you to copy-paste your brand.

Save developer hours for the tasks that matter and ship faster with Prismic

  • Reuse what you have

    Reuse your existing components across you website properties.

  • Apply a consistent brand

    Ensure all your websites look and feel the same without extra work.

  • Launch quickly

    Launch each website in no time with our developer tool and tight integrations.

How it works

Reuse components across projects

Ensure consistency for your new website. It's simple with Prismic. Here's how:


1. Build a slice library

A slice library is a collection of ready-made website sections or “slices”. Define and model your slices alongside your codebase with Prismic's developer tool.


2. Copy the slice library

Now that you’re first slice library is ready, you can copy it to your new project. No need to start from scratch.


3. Push your changes in one click

Sync your changes to your new project in one click from our developer tool.

Launching multiple websites? Let's skip the repetitive work.

Book a demo and we'll show you an efficient approach to consistent branding when launching multiple sites with Prismic.