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Build websites that grow

Fundamentally, a website is just a stack of horizontal sections. In Prismic, we call these sections “slices.” Slices are the building blocks of your website: from heroes to footers. Each slice is a customizable section that you can use to compose new pages while preserving the integrity of your website’s overall design.

Each piece of your website is a component. So, as a developer, you’re not just building a website. You’re building a component library. Prismic lets you develop components visually in your codebase. Whether you use Next, Nuxt, or SvelteKit, Prismic provides a smooth integration. And, yes, it’s Git-friendly — allowing version control at every step.

As you craft your website sections, Prismic will auto-generate the necessary data models, types, and mocks behind the scenes. Prismic automatically ensures that the content created in the CMS will smoothly flow into your application via our API — no extra configuration necessary. So you can focus on building great sites.

After refining your components, it's time to hand them over. Push them to Prismic's Page Builder to grant your content team the power to manage, edit, and visualize content in real-time. As they write, the content will live on Prismic’s high-powered servers, ready to feed into your site on the next API call.

Here’s why you’ll love Prismic

Prismic takes the pain out of web development and lets you focus on building great websites.

It’s headless

The original headless technology, Prismic integrates with all the major Jamstack frameworks. Just pick your favorite stack combo and go to work. And if Next and Nuxt are your thing, you’re in for a fun ride.

Slices are a game changer

With slices, devs can finally give marketers the freedom and independence they always wanted. They can now build endless custom pages without breaking the design, going off-brand, or waiting for busy developers.

Our Software Engineers ship 10-15 slices every quarter. Our content team's hunger for more slices is growing, which is great, because we create better user experiences.

Arnas Juškevičius

Technical Lead

Prismic is so developer friendly, the bigger the project gets, the less you need to do.

Diemas Michiels profile picture
Diemas Michiels

Freelance Developer

There are many headless solutions out there. You will need to spend weeks learning how the platform works. That was not my experience with Prismic.

David Leuliette profile picture
David Leuliette

Freelance Developer

Prismic allows me to create a really powerful page builder for my clients and makes the process extremely productive with Slice Machine. Prismic blows all competitors out of the water with Slice Machine alone, in my opinion.

David Fox profile picture
David Fox

Freelance Developer

Features that work for you

We designed Prismic to take care of the details and get the obstacles out of your way while you focus on the real work.

  • Hosted

    The Prismic team maintains both the software and infrastructure so you can start working on your projects immediately.

  • Fast API, simple to use

    Our API is backed by a CDN, sending content to your users in milliseconds no matter where they are in the world. It’s also easy to use through our TypeScript client’s intuitive interface.

  • Built-in image optimization

    Images are compressed and optimized on-the-fly using Prismic’s built-in imgix integration so you can save time when building your website or improving performance and SEO.

  • TypeScript-first

    We’ve designed all our SDKs for TypeScript, including accurate types, in-editor documentation via TSDoc, and code completion with IntelliSense. And even if you’re using JavaScript, you’ll still get all of these benefits.

  • Small and efficient SDKs

    All Prismic’s SDKs are fully tested and well maintained. They are performant and small: bundled with modern tools so you have more kilobytes for what matters the most - your website code.

Slice Machine: Your new favorite developer tool

Built for developers, by developers

Samuel Horn - Creative Developer
Arnaud Lewis - Staff Engineer
Lucie Haberer - Developer Experience Engineer
Sam Littlefair - Senior Technical Writer

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You too can empower your marketing team to release pages fast

We have around 40 slices now, and a lot of them have variants. That covers almost everything. It's infrequent that we get a design and the content creators say that they don’t have what they need.

Ciaran Green
Technical Architect
Ciaran Green profile picture

Prismic drastically reduces the time required to build and update pages, which has sped up our project timelines and allowed us to react quickly to market demands.

Bret S.
Senior Product Manager

The ability to build pages from "slices" is a great way of being able to provide a page-builder experience for fully custom components.

Tristam G.
Digital Design Lead

The ability to quickly create and deploy web pages using the intuitive Page Builder aligns perfectly with our fast-paced marketing demands.

Victor E.

Building content pages using slices and organising everything into sections and subsections couldn't be simpler for content writers.

Daniel H.

Prismic has allowed us to streamline the scaling of the website.

Kris B.

Prismic is the most user-friendly and flexible CMS I have used.

Chloe B.

Simplicity is all I want and Prismic delivers it.

Brennan T.

Easy to use and navigate.

Joyce J.

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