Prismic AI

Create pages with a little bit of help.

Prompt AI to add a new slice for you

Start by clicking to add a new slice as you normally would. Then instead of coming up with everything yourself, let AI perform its matching and copywriting magic.

  • Describe your goals and the tone of voice you want for this slice.
  • Get suggestions on which of your existing slices to use.
  • Pick a winner from a range of slices, ready to be used and refined.

Improve existing slices by asking AI to iterate for you

Rewrite your headline, improve your copy, or ask AI to come up with parts that you're missing quickly. Click three dots next to the slice you want to work on and choose the option "Iterate with AI" to get started.

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Say goodbye to tedious, one-line-at-a-time copy-pasting

Are you drafting pages and articles in Notion or Google Docs? If so, you're going to love our smart copy-paste feature.

Instead of losing precious time copying everything line by line and figuring out where each piece of text should go, simply copy a large chunk of text and let Prismic instantly transform this copy into a slice.

  • Get relevant recommendations for slices that match your copy.
  • Let AI map each line of copy to relevant fields in a slice.
  • It's as easy as copy, paste, transform.

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Which plans include AI features?

AI features are currently in beta and available on all plans. Check out our pricing page to find the plan that works for you.

Create pages with a little bit of help

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