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  • Efficient search in media library
  • Responsive UI in Slice Machine
  • Bulk updates in Migration API
  • Smart copy paste with AI
  • Iterate on your slices with AI
  • Search, tags, and bulk delete media
  • Autosave in Slice Machine
  • Page Builder user roles and releases
  • New media library
  • Locales management in Migration API
  • Drag and drop slices
  • Delete and rename slice variations
  • Multi-language support for migration
  • Next.js 14 support
  • Slice Machine environments
  • Support for legacy slices
  • Prompt to slice with AI
  • SvelteKit support v2
  • Upgrade to Slice Machine
  • Localization in Migration API
  • Page Builder new features
  • SvelteKit support
  • Slice templates
  • Migration API

New features unwrapped

Dive into the latest from Prismic: new features and updates designed to enhance your website and page creation experience.

March 2024

For developers
updateMar 26, 2024

The Migration API can be used to create and update documents, making it easier to move content to Prismic. Our latest update includes the ability to view and edit documents in your migration release and to make update requests for documents that have not yet been published.

January 2024

For marketers
updateJan 31, 2024

Experience and see changes in real-time with our new Page Builder. The new Page Builder is now the default for all new repositories. If you are an existing user, you can request access here.

For marketers
updateJan 24, 2024

We've simplified the process of changing your master language. In your settings, you will now find an option to select a new master locale, and you will see the changes apply immediately.

For developers
updateJan 26, 2024

You no longer need to worry about manually saving your progress when editing types and slices. Slice Machine will automatically take care of it for you. Enjoy uninterrupted productivity as you create your amazing projects.

November 2023

For developers
newNov 23, 2023

As part of our plan to enhance developer collaboration on a Prismic project, we are pleased to announce our first initiative: supporting the current Prismic environments in the Slice Machine UI.

For marketers
newNov 23, 2023

Our new AI-powered 'Prompt to slice' feature allows you to draft and create quality content for a new page in minutes. Describe your goals for any new content slice, and watch as the tool suggests tailored slice templates and even sparks imaginative copy ideas to instantly bring your vision to life.

For developers
newNov 21, 2023

You now have access to the long-requested feature of deleting and renaming slice variations in Slice Machine.

Lightbulb moments: ideas turning into features

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For marketers

New media library comes with enhanced search, intuitive tagging, and versatile filtering.

For marketers

As part of our new media library we are adding the ability to perform bulk actions. The first, most important item we are adding, is the ability to bulk delete items from within your media library.

For developers

We are actively working on simplifying the modeling experience in Prismic to allow you to add more complexity to your slices.


For marketers

As your website expands, you'll have more content and contributors. Team spaces is a feature designed to support growing teams in organizing their website content and controlling access to critical pieces.


For marketers

The improved search is focused on ensuring the search results reflect exactly what you are looking for.

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Mar 20, 2024Latest
  • We improved the Slice Machine UI design to be responsive, starting with the update of the menu component - demo below πŸ‘‡



Mar 11, 2024



Feb 22, 2024
  • We fixed an error in the Simulator when selecting an image


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