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Renaud Bressand

June 18, 2024

Our first beta is ready to be tested

Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we now have a first version available in beta! This version lets users translate documents one by one using AI, offering cheaper and faster translations. It maintains the formatting of Prismic rich text and localizes links to the appropriate locale.

We can activate this feature on demand, with translations available at a set price point.

Our next goals are to experiment and determine the best pricing over the next few weeks. After that, we’ll work on supporting bulk translations.

Stay tuned for more updates!

A headshot of Guy Proops - Product Manager at Prismic.

Guy Proops

June 7, 2024

New features on the Media Library are now available!

Hey! 👋

Today's update is a very special one. For the last few months, our team has been working very hard on several features to improve the experience in our Media Library. Primarily, the focus has been on creating an experience that makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for when using the Media Library. When you're in the flow of creating a page, we want it to be as easy as possible for you to find the asset that you're looking for, so you can quickly add it to your page.

So, we've approached this problem with three new features. The first was our new search and now we have released a tagging feature which enables you to add tags to your assets and then filter assets based on these tags. The second feature is the ability to bulk delete assets, making it easier for you to spring clean your Media Library.

Why add tags?
From our feedback from users, we discovered there was a user need for being able to categorise assets, particularly in large repos where there are lots of different users contributing and uploading assets.

An image of the Media Library with the tags filter selected

Bulk delete

One of the most requested features at Prismic, bulk delete has been on our radar for a long time and we are happy to be able to deliver this feature finally! Simply click on the checkbox of the assets you want to delete, and then click the delete button. Easy as that!

We hope you enjoy these updates and we look forward to adding more features in future releases.

Renaud Bressand

June 3, 2024

First Prototype working

Hey everyone!

We’re making great strides with our Localization Copilot. We now have a first prototype that can translate a Prismic page from one language to another while keeping all the formatting intact.

Last week, we worked on maintaining this formatting and successfully got a first version up and running.

Our next step is to polish the UI, aiming to have a beta version ready for you within the next two weeks.

Fresh out of the oven


Bulk delete assets in the media library

Shipped June 7, 2024

Tagging and filtering

Shipped June 7, 2024

Enabling update of display title in migration API

Shipped May 31, 2024
PUT request with Migration API showing a title field that will update the document title in Prismic

Customizable image metadata

Shipped May 20, 2024

Media library search

Shipped May 20, 2024
An image of the Page Builder search results.

Multiple groups in slices

Shipped May 20, 2024

Scripts for mapping content migration

Shipped May 2, 2024
An image of Prismic Migration API scripts GitHub repo.

Deprecate the legacy import/export feature

Shipped April 30, 2024

Larger document editor

Shipped April 24, 2024

View and edit migration release documents

Shipped March 18, 2024

More capabilities for bulk updates

Shipped March 15, 2024

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Jun 18, 2024Latest
  • We fixed an error preventing the generation of types for groups in slices.



Jun 5, 2024

Hey! 👋

Today we are happy to bring support for Next 15 Release Candidate and a...



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Hey! 👋

Today we are happy to bring support for [Svelte 5 Release Candidate](https://svelte.dev/blog/svelte-5-release...


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