Make your website relevant across markets with a simple workflow.

Localize your website at your own pace

Copy pages to another locale individually or in bulk.

Thanks to Prismic we are able to manage content in all 4 languages, as well as copy all the content from one language to the other and keep the same structure.


Translate with AI

Create a page in a new locale with a little bit of help from AI. Save your localization team’s time by giving them a head start with an initial translation base they can further refine.

Toggle between locales to access content in a specific language.

I like the well-thought-out approach to multilingual support and the way documents are handled when switching language.

Enterprise feature

Assign localized user roles

Ensure the content in the appropriate language is easily discoverable and accessible to the relevant team members by assigning localized user roles.

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Which plans include localization?

Localization is available on all plans, from free to enterprise. Start with two locales on the free plan and unlock more with higher plans. Roles per locale is only available on enterprise plan. Check out the full feature comparison to find the best fit for you.

Make your site relevant across markets

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