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We have such a tiny feedback loop there, where the marketing team makes the changes and previews them. If everything's good, they push the changes.

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Ciaran Green

Technical Architect

Release on-brand pages fast

With Prismic, releasing new pages is a ‘slice’ of cake.

  • Assemble pages like a slide deck

    Craft on-brand pages by combining slices, similar to how you assemble slides for a presentation. Slices are custom-made, reusable sections that ensure design consistency, while giving you flexibility in how you structure your pages.

  • See results in real-time

    Receive immediate feedback while creating pages with live preview. Then use the full page preview to ensure the final result looks just right.

  • Fly through your text with familiar shortcuts

    Format your text on the fly using slash commands.

  • Schedule your pages to go out just in time

    Prepare your pages in advance, then schedule them to go out just at the right moment.

Our content team moves much quicker in deploying web pages. Slices make the process of ideation to deployment faster while maintaining the quality of our branding.

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Yuriy Mikitchenko

Growth Marketing Director

Release pages faster with our tried and tested process

Check out our playbook to learn how you can set release pages faster.

Optimize for conversion

Give your visitors reasons to choose your solution over others by adding elements that contribute to relevancy, clarity, and trust.

  • Make a great first impression with the hero slice

    Having multiple options to choose from for your hero ensures that you can communicate your value effectively while keeping the design in line with the words.

  • Test your CTAs

    Enrich your library of slices with multiple CTA options so that you can test them out and find your winner.

  • Increase trust with testimonial slices

    Let your customers speak for you by adding testimonial slices throughout your pages.

  • Connect your value to your features

    Make your page relevant to your visitors by adding feature slices that showcase features connected to the value you promised them.

Our Software Engineers ship 10-15 slices every quarter. Our content team's hunger for more slices is growing, which is great, because we create better user experiences.

Arnas Juškevičius

Technical Lead

Make your website loved by humans and bots alike

  • Fast page load times

    Ensure rapid content delivery to users globally in milliseconds with Prismic's API backed by a content delivery network (CDN).

  • Impressive Core Web Vitals

    Improve page speed and performance, crucial for better Core Web Vitals, using Prismic's SDKs for frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt.js, and SvelteKit.

  • Built-in image optimization

    Integration with Imgix provides on-the-fly image optimization and support for modern image formats.

How it works

On your way to releasing more high-converting pages


Step 1: Set up

Developers build reusable page sections or 'slices' with your design system built into them. Then, they connect them to a specific page type that you'll use to create your page, such as page, landing page, product page, etc.


Step 2: Create

When developers sync their changes, they’ve created a custom Page Builder just for you. This means you can structure your pages however you want, making sure they always match your brand's look and feel.


Step 3: Optimize

As you’re adding your content to Prismic, you can decide how it shows up by using your custom-made slices. Add a bottom of the page CTA or sprinkle a bit of social proof throughout the page with testimonial slices.


Step 4: Expand

Embrace a simple workflow between you and your developers. Now you only need to request sections instead of major template changes. When you need a new section, the developer codes it and adds it to the Page Builder.

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It’s like a loop where our designers want a page to look a certain way. We say, 'Okay, that's a website page - the content team should be able to create that.' The content team can look at it and say, 'We have almost all of that now because it's all in slices, but we just need this change to this slice or we need this variant on this slice.’

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Ciaran Green
Technical Architect

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