Advanced slice modeling

Native content modeling options for your most elaborate slices

We are adding configuration options for slices, to natively support slices with sophisticated designs like tabs, cards, multiple buttons, and image galleries.

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to share some updates from Prismic that we think you'll find really helpful. We've been listening to your feedback, and we're making some changes to improve how you build and manage websites and slices with our tools.

We heard from the developers amongst you that, sometimes, turning designs into slices didn’t quite match up with the mental model you’ve imagined for them. Some of you have had to find creative workarounds for things like nested content or tables that slices didn’t natively support (yet!).

Our take: let’s make going from designs to slices transparent so developers can invest their creative space into polishing slices and offer top-level content creation experience to marketers.

You've told us what you need through your feature requests, and we’ve come up with a plan to make a clear pathway for the content creation and content modeling cases you reported.

We are starting with advanced slice modeling. We're going to make slices more flexible so you can cover more sophisticated website section cases with them. This includes introducing:

  • Multiple groups in slices: We're allowing for more than one repeatable group in slices, with a brand new experience on the Page Builder. You will be able to use as many groups in your slices as you need. For example, Stripe could use this to spotlight multiple features and links on their “Global Payments” slice of their page.
Screenshot of a section from the Stripe website
  • Advanced groups: You'll be able to build complex layouts with multiple levels of content within your slices. For example, Digital Ocean would create a slice with tabs that shows how they compare to other services. On top of it we will make sure to propose different options of layouts for your slices in the Page Builder, like tabs and lists.
Screenshot of a section from the Digital Ocean website
  • Image gallery: We're making it easier to add and organize galleries of images. This should make the process of adding images smoother and the interface more intuitive.

Going from this:

To this:

We know that many of you use Prismic to make your websites stand out. Our tools allows you to create content and write code without getting bogged down in repetitive tasks. Our responsibility to you is to make sure that when you're developing a site or putting together marketing content, you're doing it efficiently and creatively.

Advanced slide modeling is just the beginning, we’ve also identified opportunities that we’ll tackle next:

  1. New types: We'll introduce a new type called 'Navigation,' designed to help you manage site navigation more smoothly and create advanced complex navigations for your websites (hello "mega menus").
  2. Richer fields: We'll enhance some of our existing fields, for example expanding the image field with an image caption, adding more options to the rich text field, allowing multiple selections in the select field, etc.
  3. New fields: We'll introduce new fields, like a table field and a button field, supporting these web components natively.

We hope these updates will make your work with Prismic even more enjoyable and creative. Thank you for your continued feedback—it's crucial for us to keep improving.

Best,Côme SabranProduct manager

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