Multiple groups in slices

Bye bye repeatable zone, use as many group fields in your slice models as you need.

C么me Sabran

May 20, 2024

Slice Machine v2.0.0 is out 馃敟

Hey! 馃憢

Today's release is a bit special.

We are super excited and proud to announce the very first improvement of a large series of new modeling features: Groups in Slices.

Indeed, the team's current focus is to enhance Prismic's modelling capabilities, starting with Slices. See all plans here.

Why Groups in Slices?
We listened to our users and understood that in various cases, they needed to implement a design for Slices that contains multiple blocks of repeated content. Like this one 馃憞

Screenshot from www.jasper.ai website.

The current implementation of the repeatable zone in Slices didn't allow to cover these use cases, so we decided to leverage a feature that our users know and use a lot: Group fields. And at the same time simplify the understanding of the structure of a Slice, by removing the repeatable and static zone.

馃 Groups in Slices

  • All users can now use as many Group fields as they want in Prismic Slices, replacing the current repeatable zone for new Slices.
  • All Slices still using the repeatable zone are still supported and can add Group fields in their Static zone.

C么me Sabran

May 17, 2024

Expected release next week 馃敟

The team had a busy week and we're excited to say that we're ready to release this important improvement next week! Stay tuned

C么me Sabran

May 2, 2024

Internal demo!

The team could perform a first internal demo of this new improvement, showing the possibility to add multiple groups in slices and editing the content in the Page Builder.
We're now confident to be able this awesome improvement in May!

What else is cooking

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