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A headshot of Guy Proops - Product Manager at Prismic.

Guy Proops

April 24, 2024

The larger document editor is here...

We had some feedback from our users that the document editing component (the middle section where you edit content) on the Page Builder was too small, particularly when working on a larger screen (greater than 16 inches).

We recently shipped an update that increased the size of the document editing component to 1330px and increased the font size by 2px improving readability and improving your content editing experience.

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How will the visual Page Builder improve my content creation process?

The visual Page Builder is designed to simplify your content creation experience. With a live preview on the right panel, you can visualize changes in real-time. The revamped interface and new rich text field enable quicker edits and faster text formatting. We've preserved the simplicity you love, ensuring a smooth transition to the new version.

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