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Step into the visual, efficient page creation

Make and see changes in real-time with the new Page Builder. Craft pages in a productive way and drive company growth.

The future of page creation is here and it's visual

Hello everyone,

Guy here from the Page Builder team! I’m excited to introduce a significant update to our marketers’ tool the Page Builder.

The new Page Builder is built with marketers in mind to drastically simplify the page-building process, putting power and control back into your hands to create growth-driving pages. Enjoy real-time visual editing and an instantly understandable UI that's designed to boost your creativity and efficiency.

In our effort to make things more intuitive, we've evolved our tool to connect the dots between the complex capabilities of headless CMSs and the straightforward, familiar feel of web interfaces. We're excited for you to join us in this new chapter as we redefine the boundaries of content management.

Why upgrade today:

  • Visual editing experience: The new Page Builder allows you to visually see your edits. This brings simplicity and efficiency to your page creation process.
  • No extra cost: It's included with your existing plan, so there are no extra costs for you. Plus, you'll be saving your marketing team's time with an unmatched experience.
  • Default for new repositories, since October 2023: We've made it default for all new repositories and many many users have activated it in their existing projects.

What's new

Create pages visually. Assemble them like slide decks.

  • Experiment in real-time: Preview your slices as you fill them with content. Spend less time performing repetitive checks and more time on the creative process.
  • Jump right into work with easy navigation: Navigate swiftly through pages and quickly reach the section you want to edit. Find and edit slices effortlessly, just like shuffling through a slide deck.
  • Drag and drop until the page flows just right: Drag and drop slices to rearrange your page, the same way you rearrange slides in a presentation.
  • Create efficiently with shortcuts: Embrace the speed and convenience of adding text formatting options using slash commands. Our simple design became even simpler.

Find all the familiar features you’ve come to love…

The new Page Builder is compatible with all the features you're used to:

  • Localization: Continue to make your website relevant across markets with a simple workflow.
  • Releases: Keep scheduling your changes and multiple pages to go out at a specific date and time.
  • User roles: Maintain the workflow and roles that you've established.
  • Revision history: Keep reviewing your previous versions.
  • Integration field: Find the catalogs you’ve connected to Prismic. Create pages from the new Page Builder, visually blending your catalog items in your pages.

with innovations on their way

  • Organize media library: You’ll already find a simpler UI for the media library in the new Page Builder. And soon you'll enjoy an even more organized way to add media to your pages.
  • AI features for faster content creation: We're bringing more efficiency to your workflow by helping you create copy and iterate on it using AI.

We're confident that the future of website creation is visual. By bridging the gap that headless CMSs have created for marketers, we’re excited to move forward together. We can't wait to see what you'll create with these new tools!

A headshot of Guy Proops - Product Manager at Prismic.
Cheers,Guy ProopsProduct manager
A headshot of Guy Proops - Product Manager at Prismic.

Guy Proops

June 24, 2024

Small but might updates

Also related to:Tagging and filtering

While we continue working on larger features such as the new search and our new document list we are continuing to iterate on the rest of the product and ensure we add new features to improve the user experience in the Page Builder.

Last week was no exception and we shipped two updates that we think are pretty cool. The first is we now support the CMD + S keyboard shortcut in the Page Builder (h/t Lucie on the Dev-Tools team for this one) to be able to save a page quickly.

The second is you can now tag assets in bulk in the Media Library, making the process of organising your assets even easier! All you have to do is select the assets you want to tag, and either select an existing tag, or add a new one, and you're good to go.

Fresh out of the oven


Larger document editor

Shipped April 24, 2024

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How will the visual Page Builder improve my content creation process?

The visual Page Builder is designed to simplify your content creation experience. With a live preview on the right panel, you can visualize changes in real-time. The revamped interface and new rich text field enable quicker edits and faster text formatting. We've preserved the simplicity you love, ensuring a smooth transition to the new version.

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