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Renaud Bressand

Renaud focuses on user experience and onboarding users. He also helps out with support and even occasionally codes in scala. A real Swiss army knife! A retired footballer, he is passionate about good food.

January 26, 2022

Replication of The /api Endpoint Up to 80% Faster Response Time for Europe & APAC available for everyone on the 26th Feb

TLDR: We are replicating our `/api` endpoint in 2 regions (Europe, Australia) for all users on February 26, 2022. If you’re in Europe, Asia, or Oceania, this will decrease the response time of all `/api` queries by more than 60%. This should be transparent for you, except if you’re using the tag array passed in the /api request. If you’re using the tag array please, read more about it in the “What do I need to do?” section below.

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By Renaud Bressand
June 05, 2018

New feature: Set up new custom types faster by reusing existing content components

A quick reminder for those who haven’t used slices yet: slices are reusable content components that can be inserted into any custom type. Slices are good for recurring content elements that appear across different pages of a website: for example, a “headline + image + text paragraph” section that can appear on different landing pages with different layouts. The point of slices is to enable creating new pages without writing new code – so that content managers can create new pages independently.

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By Renaud Bressand