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Upgrade Your Prismic Project Easily: Discover Our New Automated Tool

In the tech world, updates happen all the time. But sometimes, these updates can feel like a chore, especially if you have to change a lot in your projects to keep up.

That's why we created a simple tool to upgrade your project to the latest version of Prismic, allowing you to focus on the fun part: building websites!

The goal was simple: enable all of our loyal, long-time users to start using the latest Prismic features, like Slice Machine and the new Page Builder, without hassle.

Though our primary focus has been on core product features, we felt that with the release of the Page Builder, now was the time to deliver on this goal.

So, what is the upgrade tool?

In 2021, we presented a process on how to move to Slice Machine during a Product meetup. However, this process was painful and error-prone.

That's why we created a tool that works like an in-house developer and handles the entire process for you. It does all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. If your website is built with Next.js, Nuxt, or SvelteKit, this is what the tool will do for you:

  • Bring your current custom types to your local setup so you can tweak them easily within Slice Machine.
  • Lets you update your old slices to new slices managed by Slice Machine, with step-by-step instructions.
  • Automatically brings over your current content to fit with the new format of your freshly upgraded page types and slices.

The only thing left for you to do is to rearrange your existing Next.js/Nuxt.js/SvelteKit components, making sure there's one slice component per file. And, if you haven't used the <SliceZone> component to display slices, now's a good time to start!

Curious to see the upgrade tool in action? Here's a demo you can watch:

Why should you use the upgrade tool?

There are actually different answers depending on if you’re a developer or a marketer (or if you’re a developer that cares about marketers or a marketer that cares about developers 😃).

A very complex sentence that we can sum up in a few bullet points. Here are the main takeaways for all of you:

For developers:

  • Working with Next, Nuxt, and SvelteKit becomes smoother with tight integrations.
  • No more diving deep into documentation to connect to the API.
  • Use shared slices across page types and discover slice variations.
  • Build and test your slices locally with mock data provided by Slice Machine for faster development.
  • Create and update your content slice easily, and see the changes in your code automatically.

For marketers:

You’ll get access to the full power of the new Page Builder, so you can:

  • Build web pages effortlessly like you’re putting together a slide deck.
  • See your changes in real time, saving time and boosting confidence.
  • Stay in the flow of creating pages independently, with no interruptions.

Here is a short demo of the new Page Builder experience:

Give the new Page Builder a try!

The new Page Builder allows you to drag and drop page sections to build website pages as easily as a slide deck. Give the demo a try for yourself - no email or signup is required!

I’m convinced. How do I upgrade?

If you’re a developer, try it out yourself by signing up to get early access and take your Prismic projects to the next level with ease.

If you don’t have developers on your team but still want to upgrade, no worries! Prismic will connect you with an agency or a freelancer to help out.

Join the beta

If you want to try the automated tool yourself, join the beta to get early access and take your Prismic projects to the next level with Slice Machine.


We've been refining Slice Machine and the new Page Builder for two years and think all our users should benefit from it. So, we made sure this upgrade will minimize the need for additional development time and ensure a smooth transition to the new features.

Prismic is not just about providing new tools; it’s about making sure everyone can use them easily, whether you’re a developer or a marketer.

We look forward to you trying the tool for yourself! Let us know what you think in the comments below! 👇

Join the research panel!

If you're excited about these new features, imagine having a say in what comes next! We're inviting you to become a part of our Research Panel. This is your chance to share insights, provide valuable feedback, and help shape the future of Prismic.

👉 Join the Research Panel Now and let your voice be heard!

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