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Prismic’s New Era: Craft Your Website as Easily as a Slide Deck

Have you ever considered how effortlessly you can create or rearrange slides in Google Slides or Pitch, ensuring your presentation flows just right? Now, imagine having that same seamless experience while building your website.

At Prismic, innovation is in our DNA. We believe that creating content should be as intuitive as sharing your ideas on a slide deck. And with our latest product update, we're one step closer to turning this vision into reality.

The Power of Drag & Drop

An image of the drag & drop feature of the Page Builder.

We knew drag & drop would be a key part of improving your website building experience. While it wasn’t part of the Page Builder alpha, we’re proud to announce that this feature is now available. With our revamped Page Builder, you can now drag & drop Slices in real time, crafting the perfect page layout with ease. It's website building, reimagined.

More Than Just Drag & Drop

While the spotlight is on our drag & drop feature, we haven't forgotten the essentials. We want the Page Builder to be available to all of our users and are working to ensure that it encompasses all the functionalities of our existing CMS. And we’re continuing to deliver on this front.

Give the new Page Builder a try!

The new Page Builder allows you to drag and drop page sections to build website pages as easily as a slide deck. Give the demo a try for yourself with this step-by-step guided tour - no email or signup is required!

Tag your documents for easier filtering

The Page Builder now supports the ability to add tags to a page, making it easier for you to filter and browse your documents.

An image showing the tagging feature of the Page Builder.

Duplicate a page for improved workflow

We’ve also added the ability to duplicate a page, speeding up your workflow when you’re working on pages with similar contents and structures.

An image showing the page duplication feature of the Page Builder.

Added fields for a rich page-building experience

To empower our users to build more rich, dynamic pages, we’ve added the following fields to the Page Builder:

  • Geopoint
  • Content relationship
  • Embed in a rich text field
  • Image in a rich text field
  • Link in a rich text field

We’re continuing to iterate on the Page Builder, so you’re not missing anything you need, and we support all the features and fields you’ve come to rely on with Prismic.

Join our research panel!

If you're excited about these new features, imagine having a say in what comes next! We're inviting you to become a part of our Research Panel. This is your chance to share insights, provide valuable feedback, and help shape the future of Prismic.

👉 Join the Research Panel Now and let your voice be heard!

Coming soon

👀 Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming soon on the new Page Builder:

  • Locale management - navigate between locales and copy content between them.
  • Publishing management - publish your Prismic page as part of a release or at a specific time or date.

Want to stay in the loop about our latest features?

Don’t miss out on any exciting updates! Check out our progress page to stay informed about the latest shipped features and what’s currently in the works!

Join the Future of Website Building

Are you eager to transform your website building experience? Sign up now for early access to our enhanced Page Builder. Dive into a world where crafting brand-consistent pages is as intuitive as designing a slide deck. Welcome to the future with Prismic!

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Guy Proops

Product manager. Focused on making building websites as easy as building a slide deck.

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