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Advanced Slice Modeling and Team Spaces in the Page Builder - May 2024 Product Updates

From powerful developer tools to intuitive content management enhancements, Prismic's May product updates are packed with exciting features! In this month's Prismic Chronicles, we cover:

  • The release of Slice Machine 2.0.0, which makes it easier for you to build slices with multiple repeating groups of content, such as cards or buttons.
  • The Page Builder will be available to all users by the end of June, a highly anticipated release bringing a powerful content-creation tool to everyone.
  • Team spaces: a new feature we are working on that will allow you to define dedicated spaces for your team members.

Whether you're a developer seeking advanced content modeling or a content creator looking for streamlined workflows, May's updates offer something to elevate the way you build with Prismic!

Slice Machine 2.0.0 for advanced slice modeling

We are happy to share that with our latest dev tools release, we are taking slice modeling to the next level!

We know that slice modeling can often be complex. The more you add to your slices, the more difficult it becomes for content teams to create and edit content, which is why we’ve had limitations around content modeling in the past.

However, with the release of the new Page Builder, the editing experience has become much more efficient and we felt it was the perfect time to implement more advanced slice modeling capabilities.

We're excited to announce native support for more sophisticated slice modeling use cases. Now, your slices can include multiple repeating groups of content like cards, buttons, links, and icons!

An image of advanced slice modeling in the Page Builder.

Our hope is this helps increase both productivity and creativity when it comes to creating pages for your website, and this is just the beginning!

To see advanced slice modeling use case examples, and other opportunities we have identified to tackle next, check out our dedicated advanced slice modeling updates page!

Get started using Slice Machine 2.0.0 today!

These feature improvements are already available to use! To install the latest version of Slice Machine, click on Changelog in the Slice Machine UI, select the latest version, and copy the code snippet into your terminal!

Page Builder available for everyone!

We are excited to share that by the end of June, all users will have access to Prismic's new Page Builder and be able to enjoy all the new features like:

  • The new rich text fields with slash commands for quicker content creation.
  • Live editing for your table of slices.
  • The new media library with improved search, tagging, and more!
GIF of the Page Builder.

We are now entering a new phase, which includes new features and improvements to help you organize access to your pages better. One of the features we’re working on will improve the workflow for larger teams, allowing them to define specific spaces within Prismic! 👇

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Team spaces: simplify content organization for large teams

Many of you have voiced the need for better ways to manage content as your repositories grow. More content and more contributors equals more complexity. With team spaces, we’re simplifying these challenges by allowing you to define spaces for different teams.

An image of team spaces in the Page Builder.

Beyond just defining these spaces, you will also have the ability to quickly grant editing and publishing rights per team space, so you can rest assured that everyone has the proper access to the exact content they need.

A GIF of user roles in team spaces.

With team spaces, you get:

  • Organized Workspaces: Dedicate spaces for each team to manage specific content areas (e.g., blogs, landing pages, website).
  • Immediate Onboarding: New members can quickly contribute within their designated spaces, seeing only relevant content.
  • Controlled Access: Easily manage who edits critical pages, ensuring security while enabling collaboration.

With team spaces, you can experience better organization, productivity, and collaboration when managing content at scale!

Get a demo of team spaces!

Book your demo of team spaces today to get a live look at all the exciting upcoming features! And make sure to stay updated about progress on upcoming team spaces features!


We hope you're as excited as we are about the feature enhancements coming to Prismic this month! Our advanced slice modeling capabilities, which have already been released, provide flexibility and more creative freedom when it comes to building websites. The full Page Builder availability coming at the end of June will enable all users to have a simplified content creation experience. And team spaces, which is currently in the works, will foster better collaboration and a more streamlined content workflow!

Your feedback continues to be instrumental in guiding our roadmap. Stay informed about the rollout of these features and future updates by joining our research panel or following our dedicated progress pages. With your input, we can further refine Prismic's content management solutions for more efficient and engaging digital experiences!

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