Team spaces

Simplify content organization for large teams in Page Builder

A feature designed to support growing teams. Define spaces for different teams and grant editing and publishing rights per team space.

Hi everyone,

Guy here, excited to bring you some key updates from Prismic! As your websites and teams expand, managing and organizing content becomes increasingly complex. I'm thrilled to introduce team spaces, a new Page Builder feature built to support growing teams in organizing their website content and offering greater access control across digital assets.

Why we need team spaces?

You have voiced the need for better ways to manage content as your repositories grow. More content and more contributors mean more complexity. With team spaces, we’re simplifying these challenges:

  • Organized spaces: Provide each team with its dedicated workspace in the Page Builder. For example, your content strategy team can manage the blog. Your demand generation team handles landing pages. Product marketing oversees core website pages. Critical content like your homepage remains secure with access limited to selected contributors.
  • Immediate productivity: New team members can start contributing right away within their designated spaces, seeing only the content relevant to their roles.
  • Controlled access: Easily manage who can edit critical content, ensuring that sensitive pages are protected while still fostering a collaborative environment.

What this means for your team

Team Spaces aren’t just about organization; they’re about making your workflow more intuitive and secure. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced autonomy: Teams can operate independently within their spaces, reducing mental overhead for your content team and speeding up content delivery.
  • Clarity and safety: With clear boundaries and roles defined through team spaces, you can expand the power to update pages, with scoped ownership and more safety.

See team spaces in action

For repositories with over 10 users and 200 documents, team spaces is an essential feature for scaling content production efficiently. Transform your content management experience from a scrolling challenge into a structured, seamless process.

Thank you for your continued engagement. It’s great to see teams growing in Prismic with more content creators joining your repositories. We are committed to building the tools that support your growth and ensure success for the newcomers in your team.

A headshot of Guy Proops - Product Manager at Prismic.
Cheers,Guy ProopsProduct manager
A headshot of Guy Proops - Product Manager at Prismic.

Guy Proops

May 16, 2024

Exciting progress on team spaces & new document list - our first version of the release screen is ready!

Hey again!

To release team spaces, we’ve been rebuilding our new document list from the ground up. We’re happy to share that we’ve hit a major milestone: the first version of our release screen is now ready!

An animation of the v1 of the new planned screen

We’re thrilled about this progress, even though we have bigger plans for this screen. Our goal is to make it the center of your scheduling activity with the new schedule view.

Next steps will be to add various features tied to a release, like publish, preview, rename, and more.

This is only internal but are still on track to deliver this by end of June.

Stay tuned for more updates and let us know what you think!

Leverage team spaces for your website

This feature will be available on our Enterprise plan in the coming weeks. Get in touch with our team to get a preview of it, and get it activated for your project as soon as we release it.

Have questions? We have answers.

Which plan will team spaces be available on?

Team spaces is an add-on feature of our Enterprise plan. This plan also includes access to two development environments for your development team, role per locale for localized content, and higher levels of support and SLA guarantees.

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