GraphQL API alpha release

Written by Renaud Bressand in Announcement on September 27,2018

GraphQL API alpha is live

So many developers told us that they want a GraphQL API in Prismic! We had no choice but to make it the priority.

After some weeks of development and testing, the GraphQL API is ready to be tried out. 

How to try it

Follow this link. Type the name of your repo. An invite will be on its way soon-ish.

I want to try out the GraphQL API alpha →

Note: This is an alpha version, so there is a chance that some weird things might be going on sometimes. (We did a lot to minimize the chances of that happening, but, luckily, in software development everything is possible.)

Try it and tell me what you think when you have a moment. Same goes for bug reports and any other thoughts.

Caching and pagination in GraphQL

If you're interested in behind-the-scenes, here's a video about how we made GraphQL happen. It talks about caching and pagination at length (for 8 minutes). Watch it – if you like.

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