Improvements for the color field

Written by Arnaud Lewis in Writing Room on September 26,2017

As you might have heard, we deploy every day. This Summer, we chose to tackle a lot of small improvements that were discussed with our community.

Today, we are deploying a new color field that improves editors' experience.

Since the beginning of, we offered a color field that leverages the standard browser color picker. Unfortunately, this field created some frustration for some editors.

The new field works with all browser and allows editors to empty their color field.

Color fields are interesting for different use cases, like offering a customization tab for editors to personalize their website and landing.

Feel free to join our community forum or to reach to us with feedback!

Arnaud Lewis

Backend engineer at Prismic. Arnaud drives motorcycle to work no matter the weather, and plans to start a 80s-themed radio station one day.