This technology has no Slice Machine integration

This framework has no integration with Prismic's developer tool, Slice Machine. You can still build a Prismic website with this technology by using Prismic's Legacy Builder. However, if you're starting a new project with Prismic, we strongly recommend using a technology that integrates with Slice Machine: Next.js or Nuxt.

This page will teach you how to deploy your vanilla JavaScript project

Before your proceed

We strongly recommend building your app with a JavaScript framework, like Express, React, or Vue. If you choose to use Vanilla JavaScript, you'll first need a project configured with Prismic. If you don't have one yet, start with the Setup step.

You can deploy a JavaScript Vanilla project quickly by using services like Netlify or GitHub Pages. These tools provide a deployed static site and a live URL in minutes.

If you've read along with the setup documentation, you know that your site needs to have at least one HTML page to be displayed in the browser.

Here are some hosting providers that can host a basic app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:

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